Sunday, July 17, 2011

SYTYCD (USA) All_Stars Return to dance with Top 10

As our SYTYCD Canada goes from Top 22 to Top 20, our SYTYCD USA has become Top 10 and will now pair up with All-Stars of past seasons. I love this!

Alex Wong was recently injured again and will therefore NOT be one of the All-Stars. Sad!

Here are the returning dancers:

Melody (s1)
Allison (s2)
Pasha (s3)
Twitch (s4)
Comfort (s4)
Chelsie (s4)
Brandon (s5)
Kathryn (s6)
Robert (s7)

I am so excited. I wonder who the 10th will be since Alex Wong can no longer join them?

This week will be great - I love seeing my faves return. I am especially a fan of Chelsie Hightower and of course Twitch! but Comfort, RObert, Brandon, Pasha, all of them are great!

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