Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Breaking Dawn Premiere Information

Summit announced today that the L.A. Premiere will take place at Nokia Theatre on Monday November 14, 2011.

Professional Premiere Campers wrote this:

With LA Live being private property, you can be assured that we will be receiving rules for line up and camping. This is the same location that housed the 'Eclipse' premiere. It was not a favorite amongst fans for camping (read their blog with pros and cons here), but fans did love that with a theater that seats 6500 people, fans did like that a lot of fans did get to see the movie premiere in the same room as the stars themselves. Very cool for Summit Entertainment to do this for fans.

There have also been rumours that a Breaking Dawn Convention will take place Friday November 4 - Sunday November 6, 2011 in L.A.

Of course, after the premiere there is speculation that the promotional tour will head east for some NYC press on such shows as Regis & Kelly, Letterman, Today and so on. Nothing confirmed yet.

Within an hour of this announcement I got an email from the group I had planned to room with along with the hotel booking confirmation. Looks like I will be in L.A 9-15th at least. Possibly sooner if I can somehow swing the convention as well (depends ENTIRELY on work and time off) and hopefully a few days in NYC if I can.... already have a friend who will share the hotel, as well as a couple other friends who are planning to go....

How quickly things fall together eh? All we were waiting for was official confirmation, and I thank Summit *gasp, yes I said it* for providing the information today!

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