Monday, October 17, 2011

Mandy's Getting Older

Today was my birthday and although I didn't plan to do anything big this year, I did want to do a post called Mandy's Favourite Things... not to compare myself ot Oprah LOL but I like the idea of giving stuff away on my birthday.

Last year in Vegas I took 300 glow sticks and handed them out at the bars and clubs and on the street... I had my Canada beads on and I just told people it was my 30th birthday and I wanted to give out glow-sticks...

Now... this year I wanted to do a draw/give-away of a few of my favourite things... but Real Life kicked my ass today... it usually does in October but today was especially rough!

Allow me to vent:

I am always emotional on my birthday, it's stupid!

I worked unexpectedly long today!

My new cable was installed, so I had to cancel the old and do a bunch of crap - but I have my new net, phone, cable WOOOO!

I had a brain freeze and went to a meeting at 3:30 forgetting it was moved to 5:30pm which meant I couldn't go out for my birthday dinner

It was just a clusterfuck of a day!

And so....

I did not do Mandy's Favourite Things Giveaway post... instead.... it will wait... maybe at Christmas, but probably sooner, I have some sweet stuff I got especially for the post ;)

October kills me!

Stress City - but November is coming and THAT will be amazing!!!

Anyhow, thanks again for all the birthday love - you made a long, tiring day a little brighter with your love <3

Stay Tuned for more posts as we enter Breaking Dawn promo season !


Jaymes805 said...

Sorry you had a stressful Birthday love! Hopefully next year will be better. Can't wait for Mandy's favourite things!

SpunkyBookworm said...

Happy Birthday Mandy! I hope today was a better day! I missed a meeting on Sunday because I thought it was at 7, so I know how that goes. Have a good night!