Saturday, October 22, 2011

November Twi-Trip

November is going to be absolute insanity. I have likely bitten off more than I can chew, but that tends to be how I roll!

I am drowning at work right now, not only is it the busiest time of year for me, my daughter has been sick, I am planning a trip next month and I just feel like I am going crazy... that is why the bloggy has been lacking...

I apologize! Real Life sometimes creeps in and kicks my butt!

More... So Basically the next week is absolutely nuts. Then after next weekend, I have less than a week, in fact, 3 or so days, to get packed and prepared for my trip.

Here is my plan (tentative and still working out kinks)

-Wednesday Nov 2 - Drive to Seattle and Fly to Cali

-Thursday Nov 3 - Check out Grauman's Theatre where a certain trio are getting their hand prints done in the cement.

-Check into hotel and hopefully relax, unless I have tix to a talk show, I applied for a few ha ha

-Friday 4th - Sunday6th is the Convention, Saturday the BIG day with a certain trio on stage in the early evening and most of the cast on stage throughout the day.

-Sunday 6th -Wednesday 9th- move to my cheap hotel ha ha relax for a few days with friends, site-seeing, talkshows maybe... open for suggestions

-Wednesday my buddies arrive and we check into new hotel and prepare for "premiere camping" this will be my first experience (ok WFE NYC but I have scratched that from my memory forever) so I am not sure what to expect but there IS a group of us who plan to do hotel/camp rotations however often permitted by security

-That weekend will be a blur of rotations, mingling, and likely some debauchery

-Monday 14th is the premier, I don't knwo what to expect but if things go well some red carpet action and maybe seeing the movie, to be honest, I would rather see it than red carpet it because I guess I am weird that way LMAO

-That night we have a hotel near LAX and in the early morning fly to NYC

-Check into Hotel, friend has classes while there, but I have other friends living or visiting NYC that I get to see, we have a few things planned such as a BD Screening and a BD midnight release and maybe take in some talk shows and/or broadway shows (I did rush seats in April and got $30 row 4 to How to Succeed in Business and then met Daniel Radcliffe out back... so worth it!!)

-Stay at friends last couple nights, just enjoy the city

-Sunday Nov 20 - FLY HOME!!!!

Tell me I am not crazy......... because I am feeling pretty damn crazy!

After this crazy October though, I deserve a break and this is a little bit more than a break but will be a blast!

When I return it is down to Seattle for USA Thanksgiving with the family and then December is staying home for recoop ha ha

I promise to take tons of photos and tweet lot's and blog lot's and share the experience for those who won't be there!!!

For those that WILL be there (or for at least part, be it the convention, the premiere, nyc, or where ever....) please let me know! I would love to meet up with as many people as possible during this adventure :-)

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Dangrdafne said...

I just booked the TwiTour last night and I will be at the premiere Sat-Tues. Maybe I will see you in NYC too but not sure esp with Neets not coming in now :( I should should my family your plans - it will make me look less crazy LOL!!!! Have a great time and please be safe.