Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thank-You Sunday Night TV - Dexter and Walking Dead

Sunday night was great... one of the better Walking Dead and Dexter episodes right? I haven't watched Boardwalk Empire yet but I hear it was amazing too.... Spoilers if you continue... More... So first, Dexter.... Did the last 5 seconds not make you want to re-watch the whole season again? Very trippy! Luckily I haven't deleted any Dexter's yet so I may very well re watch the whole season - not just for the twisty dead/alive Doomsday Killer (DDK) but also to see more Cameron Camargo - - - seriously?!?! Love Ice Truck Killer........ even more since I met him in L.A. Now.... Walking Dead..... As obvious as it should have been that the lil girl was a walker, I still loved the reveal and the last few minutes. I hate Shane - hate isn't even strong enough a word - he irritates me beyond belief, I want him dead - I wantes the lil girl walker to eat his brains in front of everyone as they ate popcorn and cheered! No Joke! Anyways, it was a great episode! Thank-you Sunday Night telelvision for making me smile.... because Monday Night's hasn't so far....

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