Saturday, December 24, 2011

American Horror Story

If Ryan Murphy thinks he needs new cast, characters, setting - - he is craycray!

FIrst of all I know I am L2P (Late to the party) BUT - I watched the complete season of AMmerican Horror Story last night and today... amazing!

I love the idea, the characters, the actors, the storylines.... so good!

First of all, when did geek become sooooo hot? And how did scary mofo become sooo sexy?

I LOVE Evan Peters as Tate... and Tate and Violet are all sortsa awesome...

Who watches this show? I am obsessed!

Some cool connections to other favourite shows...

Alexandra Breckenridge who plays Moira, the young version, also plays Katerina on True Blood.

Denis O'Hare who plays Larry Harvey, the burned guy, also plays Russell Edgington on True Blood.

Oh and Christian Serratos from Twilight is in it briefly as a highschool bully.

Alot of the cast were also in Nip/Tuck, another show by creator Ryan Murphy (who also does Glee)

If you haven't seen this show - do! The finale only aired this week and you can find it online.

I hope that season two can continue with some of the same cast, not as new characters, that is dumb.... and if it must be all new people, I hope in future seasons they all reunite or we get updates on their stories, because I still have more questions about season 1 people....

-Who is Constance's 4th child?

-What happens with demon child?

-Do Violet and Tate work it out?

-What else happens in the house?

-Why did Tate do what he did

If I wrote for the show I would continue with it but I would have something where they can escape or relocate somehow - I don't know - so at least some of the plit and whatnot carries to a new house - maybe on the Halloween when they leave something happens and they get stuck in a new spot because they interfered with the human world or something? I don't know..... Love the show!!

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Luv it too.