Thursday, December 22, 2011

x-factor results - spoilers

If you haven't seen or don't want to know yet do not read on...More... Well - Melanie won.

Not shocked, she had the most amazing voice.... though I was rooting for Chris Rene since day one because of his performances and his story and how entertaining he is.

To be honest, Drew, Rachel and Chris were my favourites.

After waiting in line for hours to be in the audience (with tickets) and not getting in, I started to dislike the show. That and I missed seceral weeks because I was travelling.

Then Drew was sent home and I couldn't believe it.

Then Rachel's departure was devastating.

Ah well... Melanie did not even MAKE it originally, then Simon of course changed his mind and brought her back and here you go - she won!

They will all do well, apparently Rachel already signed a contract with Disney? (So said judges on Jimmy Kimmel last week)


I enjoyed the celebrity guest performances with contestants. Especially Justin Bieber and Drew - she must have been absolutely DYING inside!?!?

Astro and 50 cent was good too as was Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Marcus Canty.

It was a great show - I am still bitter about not getting inside to watch it while in L.A.

@17foreverlisa and I were sooo excited, then so upset to not get in... 'tis life.

Next Year....

So - who were you rooting for? What did you think of finale?

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