Friday, February 24, 2012

Predictions for Breaking Dawn 2 Camping

I registered on facebook for "The Hob" which is The Hunger Games premiere.

It stated that 400 registered fans would be able to line up for wristabdsn Sunday March 11th 6am and camp out in "The Hob" for the night in order to attend the red carpet premiere March 12 and then see the world premiere with the cast.

I registered before it closed, but I don't know if it closed after 400 or 4000 people registered. I also don't know if that means I will get in or not. I also have no idea if from those applications they will take the first 400 or a random 400 people.

It is SEM running the show, so I anticipate a familiar face... from BD1... which scares the shit out of me because he is such an angry mean man.

But, regardless of what happens, I am thinking this is a "trial" of sorts for BD2 premiere.

After BD1 fiasco, I had spoken to 2 Summit reps and 2 of the event planners and it seemed like a "lotto" online may be the way they would go for the final premiere.

Looking at this Hunger Games "online registration" I think it is a smaller scale (400 people) trial run for how Summit may do BD2.

Makes sense since Lionsgate and Summit are becoming one - and because the idea of an online signup had been discussed during BD1 conversations.

Just my guess, but I would be ok with it - provided we knew in advance when the online reg opened. I didn't know when the Hunger Games one would, so I registered way late because it didnt' show me the registration on my cell phone version of the page when I was at work.

Hopefully I get in for Hunger Games and hopefully this method "works" and they can do something similar for BD2.

My concern is this:

1. Do i skip the mall event in Seattle Sat March 10 so I can be there for the wristbands March 11 (may or may not get wristband)

2. Go to the mall event where I feel I have a high chance of meeting jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, then arrive in LA Sunday later in the day and risk not getting a wristband that I may or may ot get anyways.

There isn't a flight late enough Sat or early enough Sunday to allow me to do both - grrrr....

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