Friday, February 24, 2012

Return of Reality TV Updates

Provided I have anytime (it is extrmely limited lately) I plan to return to my weekly "Reality TV Updates"

Here are the shows I am currently watching or planning to watch:

-Bachelor -Survivor -Jersey Shore -Amazing Race -American Idol -The Voice -Celebrity Apprentice Thoughts this week: Bachelor:

I already know who he chooses so this season has mostly just pissed me off. I don't like any of the girls much and I think Ben went on to have a good time, promote his winery, meet some hot chicks. I hope after watching this season he changes his mind after the final rose.


TOo early to tell, but I love the gays, so Colton wins in my book.

Jersey Shore:

I missed all of Italy, but this season is good - PaulyD has another stalker, they all get drunk and act like idiots on the shore. I am waiting for Mike to finally drop the bomb about him and Snooki (which I believe) I am not a Jionni fan, he is way too prude for Snookz.... I want Snooki to stop drinking and marry Vinnie. I also love that there is no Sam/Ronnie drama this season and Lola is a sexy bunny bitch.

Amazing Race:

I stopped watching this show seasons ago... but Big Brother Rachel is on it so I have to watch.

American Idol:

Philip Phillips is my favourite I think. I also like Colton, Jeremy, and Reed.. sometimes... he is a little neurotic. All the girls blur together for me right now, but I do love the country gals. It's still early, we shall see.

The Voice:

Love blind auditions, though I think they are passing up on some real talent. I think Xtina is way to stuck-up, but I still do love her. I am mostly a fan of Blake for the win but Adam is so darn sexy.

Celebrity Apprentice

I don't why I love this show so much. Maybe it is "semi-celebs" working the streets in odd-jobs, maybe it is the creativity and variety of the tasks, but more likely it is watching grown, rich, d-listers (mostly) act like children. Oh - and The Donald.


Adam Carolla - The Man Show

Arsenio Hall - Hoo-Hoo-Hoo (shakes arm)

Aubrey O'Day - who? She is cute though

Cheryl Tiegs - Sent home

Clay Aiken - No Words

Dayana Mendoza - ok

Debbie Gibson - *dances* Loved her

Dee Snider - Loved seeing him last season help with the pop ad, love him

George Takei - hilarious trekkies rejoice

Lisa Lampanelli - good golly she can be funny

Lou Ferrigno - you won't like him when he's angry

Michael Andretti - Sad this happened near the accident and he came instead

Patricia Velasquez - meh

Paul Teutul, Sr. - Love him, husband loves him more

Penn Jillette - Without Teller I am uncertain

Teresa Giudice - Who?

Tia Carrere - Loved her back in the day

Victoria Gotti - meh she is creepy, scary old lady

Which Reality Shows are you watching ???

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Sandra said...

Totally watching Amazing Race due to BRENCHEL...and I love jersey shore. Pauly's stalker got a talking from JWOWW tonight and I believe Mike too! Snooki so did what he said she did.