Sunday, March 11, 2012

The hob - Day One - Hunger Games Premiere

I arrived to Long Beach yesterday and after a ride in a cop car (my friend locked her keys in her trunk and the cop drove me to her to try and help) we went to Target so I could grab some supplies, mainly a chair, then to a Mexican resturant for margarhita's and burritos :)

Then we had a brief nap at her cousins house then woke up and went to LA LIVE

Surprisingly there were only about 100 people there and I ended up being #97 after a very painless process.

We got into the hob and set up. It was calm and pretty straight forward.

The whole day was awesome, we had some freebies and food and a lot of cast came to do autographs and photos - I put a ton on facebook - if you don't have me added search Mandy S Mind so you can see. here are a few pics for now - more in a day or two when I have time to write and share instead of being rushed at a Starbucks ha ha

LOVE THIS ONE - he wore my Canada beads heh heh he is from Vancouver too

Jennifer Lawrence & me.... amazing!

Here is Josh & me chatting:

Tomorrow is the Premiere - we are guaranteed red carpet and to go see the movie - CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

Then Tuesday = 21 Jump Street Premiere

Weds = Leno (Channing)

Thurs = Kimmel (Channing)

My amazing friends did this for me in Florida.... They know how BAD I want to meet Channing Tatum - how sweet are they?

Thanks Cindy, Steph and Kathryn

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17foreverlisa said...

Girl, you get around (twss).

I'm thrilled you get to go to two shows where Channing will be and can't wait to hear all about it. I know how bummed you were when he wasn't with the Haywire cast when we went to Grauman's.

Have fun and be safe!