Sunday, April 1, 2012

Robert Pattinson 9kind of) surfing in Malibu

My entire timeline is Rob Pattinson [sort of] surfing in Malibu I find it hilarious, not sexy, just like, funny… poor guy can’t even do something badly for fun without being under the scope ha ha *shrugs*

All I can think is APRIL FOOLS - the joke? Rob’s surfing ability ha ha but he seems to be enjoying himself, maybe not later when he sees these photos on the internet…

but what is most important? he is topless!! therefore many women are dying right now… never a bad thing… ;) See more photos posted on my TUMBLR


Anonymous said...

He's putting on weight!

kathryn311 said...

If this was taken the weekend of March 24th Rob was probably with his friends from the U.K. paddle boarding =)
When we saw Marcus Foster at Hotel Cafe he said he had gone "surfing-kind of" that day and he was sore!