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Bachelorette - 13 Bachelors Remain

Here we go, another episode of Bachelorette. I know who goes home and I know the final three because I read spoilers from Reality Steve. Last season of the Bachelor was the first time I spoiled myself pre-season, and I have to say it made the viewing experience quite different. I liked it because i could watch the relationship (and the editing) grow and change over the season.

Anyways here is a recap of the episode and my opinions:


One-on-one date: Chris

Walking together in downtown Charolette. She thinks he is so cute and she is a bit nervous. I think Chris seems nice. Emily makes him "work for his dinner" and they have to scale the wall to the resturant. Emily freaks out because of the thunder, lightning and wind. As she screams abd hollers and a crowd watches them, Chris takes time to make sure she is ok.

At dinner, Emily confesses she wouldn't be able to talk to him if she saw him on the street because he is too cute. Chris is regretting not kissing her when they got to the top of the building, he high fived her instead. Emily starts with her crazy intense questions about his first relationship. Emily started to feel uncertain when she was reminded Chris is only 25. Chris begins defending his age and maturity saying he grew up quickly.

Emily is convinced and despite always dating older guys she feels he is mature enough to be let in and decides to follow her heart and she gives Chris the rose. They then head to see a country music concert in the street, Luke Bryan. I love the song "Girl you make my speakers go boom boom" (Drunk on You) then it slows down "Do I" which is a song that just makes me bawl - such a romantic date!

Back at the house Tony is talking to his son back in Beaverton Oregon and the mood is set that he may leave to return to his son... his not-so-internal debate begins.

Date Card comes for:


"Let's Play"

They go to the park and the group date begins. Emily goes to grab her friends who will drill the men. They need to find out who will be the best husband and dad... yea, I would be scared if I were one of the men!!!

Here are some highlights from the session:

Things in Common?
Tony - taking kids to activities

Dated someone with a child?
Jef - yes my ex had two, an you see me with Emily?
Doug - I am a dad, I don't think a lot of non parents get it
Ryan - absolutely
head injury guy - absolutely

They can't quite figure out or like egg guy, telling him, "It's disgusting, did you fertilize it yourself?"

They also ask
Worst quality about yourself?
Have you ever cheated on a girl don't lie?
If you took her on a date tonight what would you do?

Then come the tricks, Stevie dances, so they then make others dance, get Ryan to do pushups, dance with them, and finally oogle all over Sean's sexy body!


He is faith based, built, compliments his parents on teaching him how to parent. The one friend Wendy goes on and on and on with Sean, asking him his super hero power, telling him how he would look good in spandex, making him take his shirt off and do pushups while she sits on him - hilare!

Emily tells the boys to put their money where their mouth is about being good with kids, she blows a whistle and kids start stampeding and scareming and running towards them! OMG!

The men seemed to do well, but it was a one time session, not truly telling of their "parenting skills"

Sean was sweet, Jef was playful, Ryan left to go get some time with Emily... but makes a fat comment about how "letting yourself go" after they were married was a problem "I will still love you I juat may not love on you as much, even if there was more of you to love" wait what?

Sean, Sean or Ryan, Sean or Doug were the girlfriends picks....

At dinner, Emily gets some one on one time with some of the men starting with the "top two" according to her friends: Sean and Doug!

She tells Sean how he made a great impression with her friends. Sean holds her hand and tells her that he enjoyed the kids and her friends. They talk about how Sean is "picky" or "selective" and how he hasn't dated in over a year. He likes confidence and is looking for a family. He talks well about his parents who still go on date nights and he comes across like a great catch. I am loving him! He is cute and sweet!

Doug talks about how her friends remind him of his buddies wives. Emily wants to get to know more about Doug besides just being a dad. Doug talks about his father who had epilepsy and his mom, who left him. His dad later died, he didn't go to the doctor because he didn't want to spend grocery money on doctors bills.... but then he and his sister were in foster care.

Tony starts missing his son again, especially after spending time with the kids today. Tony admits how he is feeling, Emily having been through it relates and reassures him. She hopes he continues.

She continues to enjoy her time with the men, Tony continues to weigh on his situation missing his son. Doug, also a father, discuss and Tony admits he is thinking of going home. Doug is really encouraging him to stay and put things in perspective. He calls his son - on speaker phone - and gets emotional again. Call me cold-hearted but I wonder if he has custody or how often he sees his son usually anyways? I wonder how much of this is dramatic purposes, not that I doubt his love for his son, but his kid sounded quite content with daddy being away and calling to chat... I don't know! "I miss you, Do you miss me too?" again, not that his kid doesn't miss him, but I feel like it is being very blown up for dramatic television. Regardless, he goes home, the end.

Back to the men, there is still a rose to give out and after Emily explains that Tony left (egg guy was nodding and being annoying) and gives out the rose to.... Sean! He is my new fave! Love him! I still like Chris, and Doug has grown on me too. I do like Arie, despite his baggae rumours... heh! I will get to that in a minute!

I still don't like egg man, Stevie, Allessandro, Alejandro and Ryan pissed me off a bit with his "don't get fat" comment!

Back at the house the men get the next date card. Kalon, Arie and .. are hoping for a one-on-one. Chris reads the card and Arie is the lucky man! He makes some zinger about being a racecar driver and used to going fast, but things have been going slow with Emily... ha! He is adorably cute, but after reading all his "baggage" online, (dated producer, on show for fame, cheated, slept with business partner's girlfriend, etc etc - go read Reality Steve for details) It makes me wonder if he is there for the right reasons.... meh, he is adorable, cute, and swoon-worthy! I enjoy him on my tv screen and will choose to forget his rumours for now ;)

Pigeon Forge TN. is their destination. Limo, private plane, Dollywood. Dolly Parton has an amusement park and they spend the day there. It is Emily's "Happiest Place on Earth" and Arie tries to win something cute for Ricky. They go on a rollercoaster, Emily's first time and she is freaking out and holding Arie's hand... ha ha She looks like she is going to be sick but Arie loves it. Finally tey go into the theatre to write a long song and perform but as they are doing so Dolly Parton appears and Emily almost loses her mind! Dolly performs for them! They dance, rather awkwardly, Emily keeps saing she could die and this is the best moment of her life. Dolly takes her for some girl talk and Emily is dying!

At dinner Arie talks about his ex and her kids and his past a bit then diverts the conversation back to her, she then brings it back to him and they talk a lot about Ricky and life. She likes her space and would welcome his busy schedule as long as she always knew he was thinking of her even while away. Now my mind is thinking about all the girls he may meet and screw around with on his tours.... damn you Reality Steve for messing with Arie's perfect image... or damn you Arie for not being as perfect as you appear on tv. (Helps when you dated one of the producers, the one that is Emily's right-hand-woman during taping) annnnyways...

Best part was when Emily tried to trick Arie into thinking he wasnt getting the rose and was being sent home - I almost peed, I wish she had taken it a bit further - chicken! She gives him the rose and apologizes for trying to trick him.

End of the night is on a carousel ride kissing... making out... I kept thinkibg Dolly Parton would ride in on one of those painted horses ha ha ha, no, just her music playing in the background!

Ricky helps her momma get ready for the cocktail party and rose ceremony. I have to say for a single mom who has been through so much, she lives in a freakin' mansion! For a single mom she sure lives the good life!!!

Kallon looks nervous, he didn't get a date. He also is wearing weird glasses and has greasy hair and has obviously become the villian of the season.

Emily expresses that she has developed a few crushes this week and that the relationships have grown. She compliments his glasses. Kallon starts with "Thanks to you I had a lot of time around the house tonight" she tries to talk to him and he says a lot that really comes across condesending and almost rude! He admits he thought his first child would be his own and embracing Ricky as his first child isn't how he planned it. She brings up Kallon's mom and what if her true love had said that about him. Kallon then says that he loves hearing her opinion but he wishes she would let him finish - wow! RUDE!! Emily picke dup and commented on it in diary room!

Travis - egg guy sits with Emily and Emily's friends told him to lose the egg, so "if you love something set it free" and they together toss/break/smash the egg. Unfortunately it wasn't as dramatic as the previews made it seem.... they laughed, said a few words and that was that.

The men toasted to "Shelly" which was apparently the eggs name.

Next, Emily sits with Allesandro, finally we get to hear him talk... he hasn't even been on the show, I don't know how or why he is still here even? They identify they don't know each other well and so, logically, Emily asks how he would be as a dad... he admits he has no experience with kids but insists it will come and she can teach him. He is willing to compromise that part of his life and change to be a dad. Clearly this isn't sitting well with Emily. "Compromise" is the word that seems to bug her, understandably. Essentially calling Ricky a compromise doesn't fly, it should be an honour and privilege. He continues to dig a hole deeper. Of course he will go home tonight! Though, as I said, I have no idea why he is still there?!!

Oh and after commercial break, no waiting for rose ceremony, Allesandro is sent packing! No surprise! The men also mention that Alessandro told Emily's friends he cheated on a girlfriend and had a one night stand - wowwee! Ya, peace out!

Side note - what the hell kind of shoes/boots is Emily wearing with that beautiful gold sparkly dress?

Arie and her have a conversation and he reassures her with his sweet nothings and hugs. Producer allowing him some one on one coaching? GAH! I am sorry, I can't get the "baggage" out of my mind!

The men see them making out and aren't impressed.

Emily and Sean get some one on one time and Sean admits he misses Emily. He wouldn't wait two days to talk to a girl after such a great date they had. He is so sweet! I love him!

I would love Arie if I didn't know his "baggage"

but those two are in the lead for me!

Sean talks about his dad teaching him and showing him hwo to be the best father and that he could easily step in and be a step father to Ricky. he says if they were married Ricky would be his daughter. Emily's heart melts on screen and they share a kiss also.

*ting ting* on the glass - Rose Ceremony Time!

Rose Ceremony
Already Left: Tony, Alessandro
Already Safe: Chris, Sean, Arie
One more will be sent home.

Roses go to:
-Jef - Quirky, I still am intrigued by him!
-Charlie - head injury guy, why can't i remember his name ever?
-Doug - another fave! So sweet, from Seattle, a dad!
-Michael - I forgot about him, we never see him on any episodes
-Travis - the egg cracking kept him... for now.
-Alejandro - he spoke briefly this episode
-Ryan - pretty to look at but he better smarten up that mouth!
-John / Wolf - I NEED TO KNOW WHY HE IS CALLED WOLF, then send him packing
-Kallon - survives, of course, there has to be more drama to come from this one!
-Nate - sucha cutie! but we know nothing about him!

DJ Stevie goes home. Funny, this was the first episode I thought he looked really good! I am surprised he lasted this long though, a single mom does NOT need a dj/emcee party dancers as a husband/father figure.

Ryan is upset over seeing Arie and Emily kissing. The usual "he is nothing like me how can she like us both" comments come out...

Next Week:

Bermuda, cliff diving, yahts, fireworks, more kissing Arie, Jef and Emily alone time, boat races, an injury, some male drama with Chris and Doug, Ryan confronts Em about Arie and her making out and he and Arie have some drama, dum dum dummmmmm

at this point my picks are:

-Arie (despite baggage)

The credits show the friends talking with Alessandro, ha ha a good idea sending him home!! He talks about a long relationship with his cousin who got married and he still thinks of her, admits he is a gyspy and can't even get a pet, and that he has cheated on a girl.... ha ha - wow!

So now we are down to 13 men.... some need to go last week, others will be interesting to watch duke it out for Emily's heart... I have my faves, how about you?

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