Monday, May 21, 2012

Magic Mike Premiere Details

June 29 I will be at my local theatre to see Magic Mike starring the very sexy Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Matthew McConaughey and more, get down and dirty as male strippers.

This movie is based loosely on Chan's real life before he was an actor, and all I can say is "DAMN, WHY DIDN'T I GO SEE MALE STRIPPERS IN FLORIDA!?!??!"

Good golly, I remember when the video of Channing came out from his previous career....

Anyways, my friends, who are awesome and know of my obsession intense love for CHANNING TATUM have been asking me about the premiere. I had planned to go, but I can't because of work and because they have selected it as the closing night filmn for L.A. Film Fest....

Magic Mike‘, which the Playlist says “is a big crowd-pleaser — for the ladies and dudes”, will have its world premiere as the closing-night film at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 24th. Individual tickets will go on sale on May 29th, but you can CLICK HERE to buy a pass to the festival.

So if you want to go either fork out money for the LAFF pass, or wait for the individual ticket sale May 29.

If you go I insist you tell ALL tell him Mandy in Vancouver says hi, he won't remember me, but I don't care, I met him 5 times in 3 glorious days in March and he held my hand and said my name and *sigh*

Let me know if you go!!!

Here are some links you may enjoy if you love Channing like I do:

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Channing 2012 Mission - accomplished ;)

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