Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reality TV Time Once Again

It has been a while since my last full post on Reazlity TV though I have done individual show posts plenty.... things are building up for the busy season again...

It's that time again, when there is way too much Reality Television on and my PVR is always full and I never run out of things to say..... excited? I thought so!

See my recap of the latest episode here

Celebrity Apprentice
First of all, I wanted Audrey in the finale. Second of all, I thought Clay should have beat Arsenio. Ah well.

The Voice
I was not thrilled with the winner, but content. See my post here.

American Idol
I do not want Jessica to win. I wish she was eliminated the first time but the judges used their stupid save on her. I really though she would go home last week, but Josh was sent home. I have been rooting for the very sexy, very talented, very raw sounding, Phillip Phillips since day one and I hope he wins. I fear Jessica might. Either way, they are all talented, I just know thet regardless they will all have successful careers. In fact, I think those that do NOT win can pursue more rewarding careers than the show can provide. Who knows - I am rooting for PP and I will buy his cd and go to see him in concert.... I will not for Jessica.

New season starts soon - SQUEE! It feels like it has been so long., THey cancelled SYTYCD Canada which is depressing, but at least the American version returns this week. THings will be different this season, for one there is only one two-hour episode a week, also there will be one male and one female winner at the end. THey will use the previous weeks votes and reveal them after the routines are performed so they aren't nervous during the routines.

Hell's Kitchen
Ramsey returns in a couple weeks with a new season of Hell's Kitchen.

Of course it comes down to one American and One British model. I really love Sophie since forever and hope she takes it home!

Big Brother
It seems like just yesterday I had my wisdome teeth surgery and was high and bed-ridden and watching live feed for Big Brother *sigh* last summer... the good ol' days. I have heard strange buzz about this season... Thursday July 12 it returns, I will be at SDCC but will PVR it for sure!

Love in the Wild
This show was so bad, but I had to watch it, Jenny McCarthy is hosting, she is also apparently doing playboy again.... anyhow, it is on this summer and I will probably watch.

X Factor
Well there are some new judges, and I will watch.... but I am still bitter I didn't get in last year when I had tickets and waited in line all day... grrr...

What am I missing?

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