Friday, July 6, 2012

Master Chef - 12 and 11 compete

Two in one this week for recaps because.... well, I have been busy ha ha!

12 compete

We start with a food truck challenge. The amount of money earned goes to charity and the team with the MOST money wins. First up choosing teams...


Stacey chooses Tali, Frank, Becky for her team

Then she chooses two teams...

Monti, David, Anna, Tonya

Leaving Christine, Felix, Mike, Josh as the last team

Then, Stacey chooses team colours which depicts what food type they will have.

Red - Mexican (Stacey's team)
Blue - Indian (Christine's team) who chooses Josh as team captain
Yellow - American (Monti's team) who chooses Anna as team captain

Each team plans and prepares a dish. Red team Stacey pushes for a vegetarian dish in addition to meat. Finally after They aim for taco's with side dish and guacamole... that would be delicious! After Ramsay lectures they ditch the veggie option.

Yellow team fights about side dish, fries versus chips. David and Monti hate each other. They aim for a burger with chips. Sounds plain jane. They do have two different mini burgers and chips in the end... Ramsay lectures and they decide to just do one, though with two minutes to go they have zero ON THE GRILL... oh boy!

Blue decides on some chicken tikka masala, Mike doesn't know what it is and they worry about time to prep but go for it. Sounds interesting.

If I had to pick one it would be the Mexican. But I love Guacamole!

Yellow - raw burgers after not starting to cook until 2 minutes before opening. David was on grill. After a slow start they get going.

Blue - seems to be doing best according to the judges, it has best flavour and is best deal

Red - Stacey goes to the skate park to recruit more people, tacos are an easy sell, though many would have liked to see fish tacos.


Red team wins.

$154 difference between yellow and blue.

Yellow team loses.

Pressure Test


Joe shows them the correct way to make it. They watch carefully.

60 minutes to prepare 10 perfect tortellini with a cheese and meat filling in a broth.

Monti - is confident though she hasn't made tortellini, she makes pasta a lot.
Anna - is using a mixer not her hands.
David - is using steel surface not wooden board and has fat fingers.
Tanya - has not made a lot of pasta and is very nervous.

Joe says pasta should be done first so it has time to rest after. Gordon says you want to make sure you time it all right.

David is the first one safe, despite his fat fingers he did a great job. Monty was also safe.

Between Anna and Tanya, it is close, but Anna heads home today.

*** Top 11 compete next... I typed it all up but it did not save... it was mystery box and they made rabbit. Becky was best and picked a fryer for her elimination round and a pizza stone for everyone else. Very few made pizza and in the end Mike and Tanya went home, despite crappy performance for David (also in bottom 3) and Tali (not in bottom three.

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