Friday, July 6, 2012

My Comic-Con Schedule

There is so much going on at SDCC. Being my first year, I am unsure how it will all work, I have a plan and a back up plan. Sometimes I have conflicting plans, but overall I have mentally prioritized where I need to be and when.

There are also a lot of parties and events I hope to attend. To be honest, I am not sure WHEN I will sleep....

My SDCC Schedule.

I used that, along with parties and off-site events I am hoping to attend to make a spreadsheet that is colour-coded.... Yes, I am insanely over organized.

When I went to Vegas I sectioned off the map so that I could hit everything I wanted when i was in that section of the strip to avoid back-tracking or repeating sections on any given day.... mind you once I got to Vegas I drank and turned 30 and the map went out the window as we wandered aimlessly from bar to bar ha ha!

I just like to plan. I have learned (and remind my self) that I can't change, predict, or control... the things that I cannot control... but I sure as hell plan around everything I can and for anything I can't LOL

Looking forward to SDCC. I will post as much, as often, as I can.

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