Friday, July 20, 2012

My Comic-Con Journal: Thursday

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Thursday we were up bright and early to prepare for Breaking Dawn Part 1 panel. We packed everything up and they condensed the line at about 8am. There was a buzz of excitement in the air as we all moved in closer together awaiting entry into the giant Hall H.

There was a lot of media there, as there had been over the past day or two and I did a few interviews wearing my giant shades in hopes of not being easily identified by co-workers back home, ha ha!

When it was time to move, we were reminded to walk slowly, not run and let me tell you, I have never walked so quickly. We got fairly close to the front, the whole weekend is a blur, but I seem to think row7 or so... regardless, it was my first time in Hall H and I was thrilled with my seats.

We had our 3D glasses and got to watch some trailers of upcoming movies.

The rules of Hall H are that you can not take photos or video tape footage on screens. So trailers, clips, etc are not supposed to be taped. I know some people do anyways, but security seemed pretty on top of this and I didn't risk trying to capture any of the clips or trailers.

The Breaking Dawn Panel was pretty awesome. Paul McDonald, Nikki Reed's husband and American Idol alum was sitting right behind me ;)

**will update on BD2 panel content in different post later today**

The panel itself was great with a huge table of guests:

From the left: Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Foy, Stephenie Meyer, Peter Facinelli, Liz Reaser, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone.

I have more photos on Facebook (Search and add me: Mandy S Mind) but here is a sample:

The "new vampires" also came out at the end in what was one of the most awkwawrd moments ever... they all were introduced and came out, but then, that was it.. like no questions or anything, the moderater was like.... um... there you have them... LMAO... ah well.. Erik Odom got the largest applause, it was awesome! He is so sweet and deserves it!

after all that excitement I wanted to get to another panel, however, by the time I got there it was completely full (I think Teen Wolf was the one) so I went and joined TJ and Funmbie for Ballroom 20 pilots and panels.

It was pretty awesome we got to see Beauty & the Beast pilot and panel, Elementary pilot and panel and then I stayed for Dexter pilot and panel by myself (which was nice because as a single seat I moved right up front)

here are a few shots from Ballroom 20 that afternoon, more on facebook:

After a very long day a few of us went out for dinner and/or meetups....

That was my crazy Thursday... and with Twilight out of the way, things should have calmed down... but they didn't... us Twigals actually enjoy a lot of other shows and combined with nerd boys and geek girls from all over, the rest of Comic-Con was just as exciting, if not more....

***More Soon**

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