Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Comic-Con Journal: Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday I left my place early, forgetting only a few items. I was excited for my first ever Comic-Con, but saddened by the news of TwiFanG's passing.

When I arrived at SeaTac airport I learned my flight was fully booked and I had to wait until the next flight three hours later. At least there was free wi-fi ;)

When i finally arrived to Long Beach, my friend Amy (@OhMyCarlisle) picked me up and we were off to San Diego. Once we were arrived and settled at our Hotel (Hard Rock) we went to the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel line up at the Convention Centre. Our other roomies (@Funmbie and @misstejota) were there along with @LuvsmeSumEdward and her sister.

Unfortunately, most fans were asleep or gone to their hotels for the night, but I did pass out pink glow sticks to those who were awake. It was a warm night compared to most I have experienced on camp outs (WFENYC, BD1, THG)

Wednesday, I was up early and back to the hotel after only a couple hours sleep. I showered and we went for some subway breakfast. I had planned to take advantage of the 24 hours subway, but this was the only time I ate there actually.

Back in line, most of my group went to explore, I hung out in the line and walked around to meet friends and fans in other areas of the line. It was so awesome to meet new people, put faces to twitter names and of course, see old friends again!

I have to say one of my most favourite moments of these trips, are the time I get to spend with my girlies! I never feel like I have enough time to do so.

Preview night meant getting checked in. Everyone got a giant swags bag, I got the Big Bang Theory, which was the one I wanted. I had planned to go to see the pilots preview night, but instead explored the GIANT exhibit floor. This things was so big, I mean, I knew it would be huge, but it was even larger than i ever imagined.

Here is me with my swag bag:

We went for some eats with Jen (@TwiredJen) who is very pregnant and adorable. She had made a shirt that said "Lil Nudger" which she wore ;ater that evening for our "surprise guests" in line.

Anyways, we all got in line and Summit reps came to hand out light up necklaces that said Breaking Dawn as well as glow sticks (which I also brought... ah well!) and posters. Soon we saw 30+ people walk by and we got excited. They went to the start of the line and worked their way down the lines. I assumed that with as many people as there were, the cast may split up and each take a line so we would all meet 5 or so cast... I was wrong! Almost all the cast went through and did almost every line... it was amazing and went on for over an hour!!!

I have so many photos of this. I have posted them all on facebook (Search for me: Mandy S Mind) under my comic-con album. All the new vampire covens were there, all the Cullens, Stephenie Meyer, I mean pretty much everyone except Rob, Kristen, Taylor, wolf pack and volturi!!!

Here are a few (don't mind my big red eyes, my contacts were dried out - I ended up in my glasses the rest of the weekend because of this)


Wednesday evening was Breaking Dawn Party at Hard Rock. It was awesome to see them setting up during the day. Our balcony had a great view of FLOAT the rooftop bar where many parties were hosted throughout Comic-Con.

Here is the view during set-up:

While I was not on the guestlist, many of my friends who run fansites were and had a great time. I very much enjoyed their drunk antics when they came back to our room after the party. They had a great time and I was happy for them, especially some of the awesome photos they got.

Some party highlights: Butterfingers everywhere (sponsor), Peter and Liz walking through a fire pit, drunk celebs, new vampires being flirty, great laughs, a photobooth and more.

After a crazy fun long day, it was time for a few short hours sleep before Thursday... Breaking Dawn panel to kick-off my Official comic-Con experience...

More to come!

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Jo's World said...

You're so lucky to have been there and to have met all the amazing actors. A few of them are still on my wishlist ;-)