Saturday, August 18, 2012

AHS Season 2 Teaser Trailer

Someone on facebook wrote:

I read that Jessica Lange let a little out about her character, she's a nun that works at the asylum. She became a nun late in life, was a lounge singer/dancer before. The asylum was a hospital for, I think, TB patients after that it turned into a hospital for the criminal insane. So you can get a few ideas from clue1, I think, knowing a little about it.

We really know very little about this season, they weren't even at COmic-Con :( I am excited about the casting.

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Anonymous said...

When I heard Adam Lavine was gonna be on this season I was a lil worried about him. I luv him. Don't get me wrong I watched this every week but ya gotta admit some seriously crazy sh*t happens on this show! He admitted he never even watched the show b4 taking the role. I can't wait to see him on it..but I'm still a lil worried.