Friday, August 17, 2012

#bb14 HoH, Nominations and more...


Shane is Hoh.

Brit won safety this week.

Boogie won $10k

Shane nominated Frank and Boogie.

Brit and Shane are fighting, she feels he threw her under the bus, I missed what happened, maybe in his nomination speech?

Franka nd Boogie are mad at Brit and Shane, so much for Silent 6 alliance. Dan is also involved in the drama. I think Shane's speech implied Dan and Brit urged the nominations and / or implied they told Shane Boogie/Frank were coming after him....

Either way it was a good move by Shane, but I hope Boogie goes and Frank stays again - he has been nominated EVERY week (except while HoH obviously) meaning he has NEVER voted on a live show'/eviction night.... must be a new record?!?!

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