Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breaking Dawn 2 - SPOILERS

I refused to post spoilers until after opening weekend. If you have not seen the film yet DO NOT READ ON!!!!

I am not kidding, you must experience this movie without spoilers to fully appreciate the journey!

That being said, if you HAVE seen the movie, feel free to click to read more....


Who was duped?

I mean by now most people have seen the movie, lived through the "twist" and.... were you believing?

I even said, while sobbing, "this must be a vision" and "the amazon is making them see this" but somehow, believed it was happening... Stephenie Meyer produced, she approved it and she wanted it to end with a bang..... boy did it ever!

I saw the movie again today with my husband and daughter, both who, like me, believed this was actually happening... I can never take back the vision of Carlisle's head... ever...

I have to say, I loved the movie, best one yet. Not only the homage to past movies through Bella "letting Edward in" or the credits that recognized everyone involved in all of these movies, but the fight scene.

When I read Breaking Dawn, I have to admit, I didn't love it. I really hated that when the Volturi and Cullens and witnesses all got together, the half vampire child came with Alice and Jasper and everyone just agreed to disagree... "my bad, as you were" BORING!!!

Even in Harry Potter, some of our beloved characters died! And I kind of wished there had been some bloodshed in Breaking Dawn.

When they cast all the new covens, I guessed that it was so they could kill them off and create the action and battle required in a movie, without breaking fans hearts quite as bad, sinve they weren't covens or characters we loved so dearly from the books.

Never did I imagine such an epic battle, what an emotional rollercoaster!

More on that in a moment, let's start from the start.....

From the start

I had seen the opening 10 minutes or so from Comic-Con. I loved seeing Bella-Vampire hunt, it was so epic. I mean the speed, the strength, the interactions with Edward and finally when she saves a deer to feed on the mountain lion? awesomeness!

Sex Scenes

PG-13, you have done me right ;) I thought it was a perfect mix of romance and hot, steamy, love.... the banter after by the fire was sweet and the close-up skin shots were perfect.... yes!

Jacob, Imprinting, Wolves

I loved everything about this. From when she comments on his stank, to when she drags him out of the house to beat his ass for imprinting on her daughter and nicknaming her Nessie "after the Loch Ness Monster?" bahahaha perfect combination of emotion and humour throughout these scenes. I also have to say I loved Rosalie's facial expressions and comments when Jacob has to tell Bella about the imprinting and of course all the Cullen's, in particular Edward, when Bella is kicking Jacob's ass.


Amazing, as always, but this one was especially moving. I am creating the scene-by-scene list as always, stay tuned for link.


Less creepy than I thought. Knowing what Mackenzie Foy looks like made the CGI younger Renesme's a little strange, but not robotic strange, thankfully. The distance between the eyes was a bit distracting, but it worked out ok. I really loved the flashforward of Alice's vision to mom, dad, baby and wolf boy all teenagers hanging out. Made it a lot less creepy right? right?


Ok., some covens were awesome.... when Guri and Noel appeared I was giggling and when they spoke, I died. So funny! I really loved them, actually I loved Taylor's bug-eyed look and giggle as Jacob when talking to Bella in the car. "Dracula one and dracula two" bahahahah

Loved the Amazon ladies, having seen them in real life, they really are tall, strong women, perfect casting. I wish Erik Odom had more screen time, he is so awesome! I guess having met them at COmic-Con and then at Fan Camp I was disappointed at how little screen time and speaking lines most of them had.

I really loved Kate and Garrett together, and the camp fire when the vamps share war stories, too fun! Alistar was awesome and really, overall I thought they were all pretty amazing, if only we saw more of each of them.


Ok the big "twist" I mentioned it above a bit, but honestly, best ever! For all the reasons above, but also because it was just enough action to get even non-twi-fans into the movie. My husband loved it! One thing I did find out from awesome @Jaymes805 was that this whole "scene" was in the book, kind of:

"Alice gave Aro the excuse he needed to get out of the fight. If he hadn't been so terrified of Bella, he probably would have gone ahead with his original plan."

Now, not many of us would have read into that one sentence the twenty minute insanity that took place on screen.... I joked that the one sentence = 20 terrifying movie minutes, a xanax and a box of tissues.


Best so far! Bill Condon is god.

What did you think????


miss tejota said...

I did enjoy the film, but seeing some of my favorite characters perish made me not happy. It was so very hard for me to see those wolves die. So very hard even though I knew it had to be a vision and kept telling those around me that it was. I thought it was a vision of what would happen if Nahuel was not to come or if Aro didn't believe Nahuel, but I was still upset seeing those wolves die.

I was also very disappointed how many of those in the covens that didn't speak at all in the film. This movie was so short in comparison, that extra time would have been wisely used to have them speak. Also to only get a glimpse of Leah and Seth was ridic.

Great review.

Anonymous said...

I really loved it and thank you Mandy for your posts. I count on you for music lists etc but I never comment. One thing I wish all the directors would have understood is that the movies could have gone 2 hrs 30 min and us fans would have loved it!! Develop those characters, put in more dialogue from the books. It would only make us fans happier!!! I just don 't get that part of it? Is there a reason they hold it to 2 hours? Anyway, I loved it and I think Rennesme looked great even as a baby. She's half immortal, so a little strange is fine.