Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part Two - NO SPOILERS!

Usually after a movie I do a review. I often do a spoiler FREE and a spoiler FULL review... this time - I simply can NOT!

The movie is amazing, I think the best of the series, which says a lot because I liked Eclipse best as far as the books go, and also as far as the movies went before.

The "twist" is indeed a twist. It is something different from the book and something the book was missing! If you have heard my rants about the problems with 'Breaking Dawn' as a book, then you can likely guess where I am going with this....

I URGE and BEG you to:


2. DO NOT READ SPOILERS, you need to just experience this blind

3. Bring tissues, and a lot of them, I mean a lot... I was ugly crying for at least the last half hour of the movie

4. Email, tweet, text, comment here once you see the movie.

I will probably wait at least until after the weekend to post my review, because I truly feel anything anyone says will spoil it for you and take away from the emotional journey this movie pulls you through.

I will add that at one point I screamed at the screen as I sobbed ugly loud tears "THIS MOVIE IS HORRRRIBLLLLEEEEEE, NOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!"

If I needed to describe it in one word: emotional.

One more word? SHOCKING!

That is all, I can't wait for you to all see this movie - Bill Condon is amazing! I am speechless and starting to tear up again in the airport just thinking about everything.

I can not believe it is really over.... for good...


Jeny said...

omg I don't know what to do! I love, love spoilers! but after hearing so many people say it's shocking, I might stay away from the internets to avoid them!

Anonymous said...

I agree.....I so agree with you Mandy! I was too a virgin Twihard this go around and so very glad that I did. Yes, ugly crying insued and yes, I believe I looked down with tears in my eyes and looked at my legs and just shook my head. I could not believe what was happening on screen!! @Marriedinaz