Friday, November 2, 2012

No Breaking Dawn Part 2 Spoilers.. I am a BD2 virgin....

I have been so busy in September and October that I have not kept up with the trailers, stills, and clips for Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Because of this, I have decided to stay a virgin for the last movie.

I know, I know, I am the biggest Twilight whore out there, and this is very strange, but I am doing it.

I have just over a week until the premiere, I can wait. It will be far more epic having my cherry popped in public with all my girls.

PLUS, I didn't go to sets for Breaking Dawn Part 1 or 2 so there was already a lot of unknown compared to previous movies, this just feels like the right way to wrap up the series....

So... I didn't read the press conference stuff, I haven't blogged and probably won't blog much of the promo stuff (and when I do I won't watch or read it)...

I want to be the virgin bride going in on my wedding night to the big bang boom ;)

Who is with me?


Demanda said...

I am a semi virgin ;)

I watched the MTV First but did not watch any clips that had to do with the movie.

I cannot wait to squeee with you in LA! We NEED to do ao tent scene. We were so good at La Push ;)

Shea said...

Your blog post is basically the only thing I've read...heard of a twist at the end...apparently Taylor mentioned in on TV...Had to Google when the soundtrack was out. I'm totally clueless right niw. I'm usually not as informed as you but know a thing or two. Anyway, I'd say I'm a virgin too. I did get my tix yesterday to take my son to SilverCity Coq on the 15 in the evening.