Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sexy Beast... Lucky Beauty - interview with Kristin Kreuk Poor you in this series -- you're sliding under fences in the dirt, you're running all the time. We're you surprised at how physical this role ended up being?

Kristin Kreuk: I was... We really established Catherine in the first four episodes as someone who is capable of physically taking care of herself, which is great for her dynamic as a person because it makes sense that she would do that. But it's been fun. I like that she's not prissy - a detective wouldn't be. You'd get under the fence like, 'Who cares if you're gonna get dirty?' Right?

Access: When I talked to your co-star Jay at the beginning of the season -- and he considers Vincent to be very physical - we talked about how he started buying fitness magazines, got a trainer, and a new diet. You've always been physically fit, but did you ramp up your routine somehow?

Kristin: No, not really (laughs). I am pretty physically fit and capable to a certain degree and I just work out. I don't do as much yoga as I did before because it's harder to get to classes because I'm more at the gym than I was before, which changes my physicality to a certain degree... For him, it's a different thing because he's a super soldier and his DNA is supposed to be crazy animal like, so it makes sense for him to really change the shape of his body. For me, I wanted to make myself a little more muscular looking, but that was it.

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