Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence has Pneumonia....

It is award season and Jennifer Lawrence has been nominated for a number of awards and been on the go... at the last awards (Golden Globes I think) she was saying she would celebrate by going home to rest because she was sick.... looks like it was a good idea, she then came down with pneumonia...

US reports:

Get well, Jennifer Lawrence! The Silver Linings Playbook actress, 22, is dealing with a bout of pneumonia. Her costar in the acclaimed film, Jacki Weaver, announced Lawrence’s illness at the the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday, Jan. 26, where an absent Lawrence won the Best Actress trophy.
“I’m going to receive this on her behalf,” Weaver, 65, said at the podium. “Poor Jen is really sick. She really is sick. She has pneumonia.”

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