Sunday, January 27, 2013

SAG Awards

I really enjoyed the SAG Awards tonight. I liked the pro-union messages, the charitable work showcased and all the pretty people!

I was super impressed with Jennifer Lawrence's win and Anne Hathaway and Claire Danes....

Downton Abbby cast looked so shocked "Shut the french windows" ha ha

Argo win was good, Ben Affleck is amazing though I still have not seen the movie yet... I have heard great things! I also loved Ben's speech - I have loved his wife, Jennifer Garner since Alias.... which Bradley Cooper was also in by the way (his movie was nominated too and I was rooting for it, Silver linings playbook, for my own bias reasons....

I love jessica chastain, so it was nice to see her present and look back at those we lost this year.

I loved the intros "I am an actor" especially Sophia V from Modern Family... "thanks to these I always look like a hooker" ha ha

What were your fave moments from the SAG awards?

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