Monday, April 8, 2013

Guess who's returning to True Blood? *SPOILERS*

Wet Paint has shared some spoilers for the upcoming season of True Blood... a familiar face returns... Sarah Newlin (played by Anna Camp)

Sarah might try to reconnect with Jason Stackhouse, who Sarah had an affair with in Season 2. This ruined her marriage to Steve Newlin and complicated Sookie Stackhouse’s life considerably — only now, with Jessica being Jason’s current romantic prospect, the plot thickens.

Oh, and Sarah’s ex-husband Steve is a “gay vampire American” now, so there’s that. And he has a thing for Jason. No doubt in our minds: her return will be complicated.

The last time we saw Sarah in Season 3, she was a member of the anti-vampire Fellowship of the Sun church, and her marriage to Steve had just ended. My, how things have changed since then! Are you excited to see the drama that Sarah causes?

 TV Line adds:
Camp, who’s currently juggling roles on Fox’s Mindy Project and CBS’ Vegas, floated the possibility of a Sarah comeback earlier this year, telling TVLine that her character has “a lot of unfinished business.” 

No doubt at the top of her to-do list is confronting ex-husband and former Fellowship of the Sun co-head Steve (Michael McMillian), who is now an out-and-proud gay man and a vampire.

Don’t be surprised if she also finds time to reconnect with ex-flame Jason, which would put her at odds with his current love, Jessica. (Anna Camp going head-to-head with Deborah Ann Woll? Count. Us. In.)

I can't wait! I love to hate Anna Camp in all her roles. She was awesome in Pitch Perfect. Also she's hot and Deborah Ann Woll is my girl crush so I would love to see some chick fights heh heh.

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