Monday, April 8, 2013

This Week's TV....

I am so behind on my PVR.... Currently on my must watch list:

Revenge, Celebrity Apprentice, Carrie Diaries, Vampire Diaries, The Following, Revolution, Dallas, The Voice, Vikings, Cult, Motive. I am caught up on Game of Thrones, and there have been reruns on many shows so as long as I dedicate some time this week I should be good to go again before my vacation... ha ha then it's back to being behind...

ZAPIT has some updates/spoilers that have me excited....

"The Vampire Diaries": As high school graduation approaches, everyone's future is uncertain... but we're particularly curious about our one remaining human. "We are going to let ourselves really enjoy Matt in the last couple episodes," says EP Julie Plec. "He looks around at all the people in his life that are about to graduate, maybe move on to college, or go off and live some supernatural destiny elsewhere, and then here he is figuring out his next step. He's thinking, 'Do I have any options? What are they? And what do I want to do now that I'm free to get away from all of this if I want to?'"

"Hannibal": Will Graham has a knack for getting inside the mind of a killer, but he never actually killed someone before the confrontation we saw in the series premiere. So it's no real surprise his boss orders him to get a psych evaluation in this week's episode. But who does the evaluating? Dr. Hannibal Lecter, of course.

"The Carrie Diaries": If you were bummed about Carrie and Sebastian's break up last week, never fear! In true high school fashion, they get back together in tonight's season finale -- just in time to make some prom plans! But don't get too swoony, guys. These two hit a major bump in the road before prom night fun... and Sebastian's reaction may change their relationship forever.

"The Following": In next week's episode, Roderick is feeling the pressure as his police department is called upon to aid in the Joe Carroll case, and he's got to play the role of sheriff and dutiful Follower at the same time. He does the one thing that could put him on Joe's bad side for good ... he puts Joey in dire danger. Meanwhile, look for Ryan to do his best to recruit a follower of his own.

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