Sunday, July 21, 2013



Day 5 was my final day (Sunday) and after my crazy night, I slept in! (Which still meant only 4 hours of sleep, but that was the largest chunk of sleep I had in one day since I arrived)

The plan was to just do the exhibit hall, shop, see things we hadn't yet. We had brunch at the Mexican place, pina coladas and taco chip and salsa bar with burritos.

There were a lot of the "JESUS" protests going on, but some anti-protests also. I loved this one....

We missed out on some exclusive sales and releases due to lines and insanity. We did hit the Summit booth a few times to stalk up oin what they had left. I didn't get to do the walk through of Walking Dead or Once Upon a Time which I had planned but ran out of time. We did get a few cool items and saw Sean Astin at this booth and ran into Rob Kazinski from True Blood, who I had just met last night!

I got to enjoy a lot of cosplay around the hall, it was Kid's/Family day so there were a lot of awesome children dressed up and kid friendly outfits... and some not so much, but that is besides the point.

The worst part of the day, maybe of Comic-Con was during the marvel give-away. There was a huge crowd and we were waiting to get some free gifts from Marvel. It was packs and got worse as things were given out. I was squished and started to struggle breathing. I thought I was going to have an asthma attack and so I tried to calm myself but it wasn't working. I made the decision to get OUT of the crowd, I couldn't. I started to have a panic attack.

This is what it looked like.....

I pushed, and shoved and tried.... I felt stuck, I couldn't breathe and I was not in a good place. Eventually I fell, or passed out, I don't really know.

Luckily there was help there quickly and I was honestly fine instantly, once I was out and could breathe. I still had elevated heart rate and struggled breathing but it was more from embarassment than anything.

I was escorted by two very attractive EMT's and then went to my hotel to relax and watch True Blood with my awesome roomies. Then Amy and I went for a late dinner as our last night in San Diego.

That doesn't sound good, let's go eat somewhere else...

I will take a barrel of sangria please

Wonderwoman Cocktails and tappas

delicious lamb, meatballs, short rib and chorizo

It was a short flight home, I slept the entire time and was happy to return home to my husband, daughter and of course my puppy...

 Another Comic-Con down - I am of course sick... with no sleep, poor diet, more alcohol and trail mix than actual meals, screaming, and just overall bad habits, it is no wonder I get sick after SDCC, but ... so worth it!



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