Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day FOUR SDCC 2013 (Part 1)

After yesterday's b.s of 8.5 hours waiting to get into Hall H and missing some key panels, we decided we had to do things a bit earlier, but still not camp out. I went to bed earlier the night before and slept until 330am at which time I got ready and went to the line for Ballroom 20.
It was worth it because we all got in and were row 7 for Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Once Upon a Time Panels. THEN we got front row for the rest of the day as friends in front row left after OUAT panels. EPIC!
I will have blog posts on details of each panel and photos but for now here is an overview of my day:

OUAT Panel

What I really enjoyed about the animation panels was that everyone who asked a question got a prize, they really pack a lot of activities into the panel including the questions from fans, a table read, clips, games, big news on upcoming plot and projects. Family Guy and Simpson's are doing a cross over show, it is Futurama's last season (again) and we got a sneak peek at the Halloween special introduction for Simpson's this year! I am not a MAJOR animation fan, though I do watch with my hubby once in a while, but it is always great to see these panels as they are so engaging and I laugh so hard I cry!

Futurama and Simpson's panel

Family Guy and American Dad panels

Next up was True Blood..

The Vampire Diaries:



I left before Arrow panel, although I would love some Colton Haynes, I haven't watched Arrow and had to get some eats. I gave our front row seats to a mom and her kiddo then left to hit the exhibit floor and then meet friends for dinner. We got sidetracked from dinner when the crowd outside out hotel said Marvel Press was inside. So we waited. We saw Bill Nye the Science Guy which was pretty much awesome!

We then saw some Marvel people but my cell was in the room charging and my camera died after trying to take photos (it was dark by now so wasn't working) but we did see Tom Hiddleton wave from hsi car (I got a pic of his hand LOL) Scarlet Johansen, Samuel L Jackson and a few more through tinted windows and small waves. Still very exciting despite not getting any photos or interaction. Finally we went for dinner and drinks, exhausted and not as social as we had hoped... I wanted to nap but it was Saturday night, party night, and I had some celebrities to meet.... Stay Tuned for Part 2 of my SDCC Day FOUR - lot's of celeb pics and fun stories to share!!
Also coming soon I will add links to this post for MORE pics and panel details for each of them.... I am one person so takes a bit of time =)

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