Thursday, July 11, 2013

#SDCC WB Bags - with super hero capes!

Every year SDCC attendees get a "bag" upon check-in. Last year I got this super cool Big Bang Theory Bag.

Seems this year, the bags have a new twist. CAPES!

SDCC Blog writes:
For the first time, all bags will not only be able to function as a backpack, but will also come with a detachable cape.

Check them out...

The Huffington Post has an exclusive first look at the Supernatural bag, pictured below:

huffpostspn1 huffpostspn2

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first look at the Arrow and Revolution bags:

arrowew1 arrowew2
revolutionew2 revolutionew1

TV Guide has an exclusive first look at The Vampire Diaries bags:

vampirediares1tvguide vampirediaries2tvguide

And here is a look at the rest of the bags featuring television shows. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have images of any of the bags featuring upcoming feature films:

bbt1 bbt2
thefollowing1 thefollowing2
tt1 tt2

I would most want Big Bang Theory (again) though I do like them all - I wish we got more than one. Also, last year they wouldn't let you LOOK to pick one, so you were stuck with what you got.... talk about pressure to draw the right one eh?

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