Friday, August 2, 2013

#AHS New set photos from American Horror Story: Coven filming in New Orleans


I am super excited about the new season of American Horror Story. Returning cast, new cast, New Orleans, it is sure to be amazing!

As always, executive producer Ryan Murphy, has his lips sealed about any details for the new season. The good news is, New Orleans residents and fans notice when a film crew shows up.

So here we see Jessica Lange with Emma Roberts, Jamie Brewer,, Taissa Farmiga, and Gabourey Sidibe walking the NOLA street in all black. Is it a funeral? Are they witches? I can't wait to learn more!

Twitter fans are very curious also and there are rumoured to be more cast attached to the project simply because they are 'in' New Orleans to film "something" I can't wait to get more information, but in true Ryan Murphy fashion, I won't count on it.

Here are some more photos from filming:


More photos and theories at source: FearNet


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