Wednesday, December 4, 2013

National Lampoon's Christmas Drinking Game

Found this fun idea at this blog site

What you will need for this game: an excessive amount of beer, a Santa hat & a single shot of your choice 

Take One Drink Every Time:
  • Ellen calls Clark "Sparky"
  • Someone is wearing an ugly holiday sweater
  • Clark does something awkward
  • There is singing or music
  • The swimming pool is referenced
  • Clark is wearing a sports team article of clothing, unless of course, you are wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey, then that means you are a complete badass & you get to give drinks at each of those parts.

Additional Rules: 

The entire group takes a drink whenever an advent calendar door is opened.

You must yell “Shitter’s Full!” any time you leave to use the restroom, otherwise you must finish your beer when you return.

First person to say “Get me somebody! And get me somebody while I'm waiting!” when Frank Shirley appears on screen for the first time chooses a person to finish their drink.

First person to stand up & fully complete the “knock on the door, peek in…” correctly WITH hand gestures during that scene gives two drinks.

At any point in the movie, you can point to someone & yell "RUS!" If they do not respond with "Right here, dad" they must take a drink (max once per person, this could get excessive).

Anytime someone misquotes a line in the movie, they have to wear the Santa hat until it gets passed to the next person. When the movie is over, the last person wearing the Santa hat has to shotgun a beer & finish by saying “Ahh, It’s good, It’s good. It’s good.

Whoever ISN’T up for watching Home Alone immediately after the movie ends has to take the SHOT! 

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