Sunday, October 25, 2009

Twilight Saga Eclipse Wrap Party at Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park

The Twilight Saga Eclipse Wrap Party was held at the Vancouver Aquarium last night for the cast & crew who have been working hard to create the film over the past several weeks.

Since even before the first day of shooting on August 17, this group of cast & crew have been preparing for the creation of Twilight Saga Eclipse and although they only have a few days left of filming left, months of post-production and then promotion remain.

Let's face it, these people deserved a party.

The Vancouver Aquarium was the perfect spot. It is a perfect mix of elegence, intrigure and local Vancouver Pazazz.

I have been to a few soirée's there myself and they do not disappoint. There are multiple rooms available, I would assume they used most of the indoor areas for their party. My favourite spot is the large room that has an entire wall of windows looking into the beluga whale tank.... it is truly magical.

As a child I had overnight sleepovers in this same room with my Girl Guide Group and as an adult, I enjoy taking my daughter to this special place.

Although I do not know exactly what they dined on, the Vancouver Aquarium's Receptipion Menu features both hot and cold appetizers, Sushi Stations, Carving Tables and delictable desserts as well as full plated and buffet dinners. There were multiple open bars set up and the guests surely enjoyed this fantastic party.

It is reported that about 500 people attended the party that begun about 8pm. The party consisted of mostly crew and each person invited was able to bring one guest, although all had to show photo identification and were instructed to not bring cameras to the event for respect to the cast. (Some claim to have photos - we shall soon see I guess)

Since many of the cast have wrapped and left Vancouver, only a few of the remaining cast were in attendance.

At about 10pm Xavier Samuel was seen dressed up and leaving the location he is staying at. He returned a few minutes later and then left once more. Robert Pattinson is reported to have arrived to the party around the same time and stayed for about an hour. Mixed reports on if Kristen Stewart was there or not. Jackson Rahtbone's band 100 Monkey's played a set and I am pretty excited to attend their concert tonight in Vancouver.

I was not there so I can not confirm who was there or for how long and many reports coming in are not neccessarily reliable sources. However, I do know David Slade was there and twitpic'd this Crab photo along with many people involved in the creation of Twilight Saga Eclipse.

It is amazing having witnessed the process of both Twilight Saga New Moon and now Twilight Saga Eclipse happening in my own city. I have had some amazing adventures and experiences and met some fantastic people that I will never forget. With the uncertainty of where and when filming of Breaking Dawn will take place, I can honestly say, I am simply thrilled to have been around to witness New Moon and Eclipse.

I can't wait to see them both in theatres.

Thanks for reading!

[Photos from VanAqua Website]

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