Friday, April 23, 2010

A Tasty Bloody Drink

And I thought "True Blood" Orange soda was bad.... here's the new "beverage" out for Vampire Fans....

It's the same colour & consistency of real blood but in a fruity flavour ha ha ha

This product is

sold at various online sites. You can but one BLOOD Energy Potion for $5.69

3-pack for $15.95 here

12-pack for $47.99 here

and even a ute little set for $14.95

I'd definately get these for a Vampire Diaries party heh heh oh Steffan - you're so good when you're bad... but I prefer me some Damon ;) *slurp*

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April said...

They carry this at Hot Topic... I saw it last year around New Moon time.. The chick at the counter told me that alot of the people that um think they are "real" vampires come in and buy it... whatever that means. lol