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Upcoming Projects for Twilight Cast

I have often compiled upcoming projects for twilight cast (especially after New Moon it took a lot of time researching) but here is a complete list courtesy of Tracy who is an awesome gal.

Tracy [wait a second, that's Tracy, Tracy!!!]over at Hollywood News has an extensive rundown of the upcoming projects of each cast member. They all have very full schedules, Taylor Lautner’s and Robert Pattinson’s alone are impressive.

Robert Pattinson

Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.
Water for Elephants: Though this movie will film in 2010, it won’t hit theaters until 2011.
Bel Ami: If you’re an RPattz fan, you’ve undoubtedly seen recent pictures and videos of Rob dressed in lovely Parisian garb. Again, though filming will be completed in 2010, this film is set to debut in 2011.
Unbound Captives: Though Rob is attached to this film, with his current schedule, the studio likely won’t be able to start filming until 2011, particularly if/when Breaking Dawn gets greenlit. However, Rob Pattinson and Hugh Jackman is a whole lotta pretty for one film!

Taylor Lautner
Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.
Abduction: This timing looks much more realistic – 2012 release.
Cancun: Not much to add to this film. It’s in development and Taylor Lautner is supposedly attached to the film, which is releasing in 2011.
Stretch Armstrong: Taylor Lautner will play Hasbros’ Superhero, Stretch Armstrong. There was a bit of controversy when Taylor took this part, as it came at the same time that he pulled out of playing the lead in Mattel’s “Max Steel”. This film is in pre-production and had a release date of 2012.

Kristen Stewart
K-11: Though this movie is receiving funding, it might not start filming this year between Kristen’s schedule and the loss of Nikki Reed (who is no longer a part of the picture).
Breaking Dawn: “Timing TBD”.
Despite only these two projects on the radar, we have no doubt that Kristen will have PLENTY of projects to keep her busy. In 2010 alone, she’s debuting “The Yellow Handkerchief” (technically debuted in 2008), “The Runaways”, “Welcome to the Rileys” and “Eclipse”.

Kellan Lutz
Meskada: Filming's completed and it should be out later this year.
A Nightmare on Elm Street: With a release date of April 30th, it will be interesting to see happy-go-lucky (but loves-a-good-fight) Emmett Cullen try to fight Freddy Kreuger. Although, since vampires never sleep, Emmett may have a leg up
Warrior (co-starring with Ashley Greene)
War of the Gods: Currently filming, this movie is set to release in 2011.
Love, Wedding, Marriage: Co-starring with Mandy Moore and currently filming, this movie is set to release in 2010.
Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.
Death Games: Though not yet signed for this film, Kellan Lutz is in negotiations to star along side Samuel L. Jackson. Filming starts in May in Louisiana.

Anna Kendrick
Untitled Seth Rogen Project: Currently filming, Anna Kendrick plays a lead character where she’ll get to stretch her comedic chops. This film is set to release in 2010.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: If you try to narrow down the genre of this film, it doesn’t look possible – adventure, action, fantasy, etc. The film is set to release in August of this year.
Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.

Dakota Fanning

Betsy and the Emperor: This film was originally set to star Dakota Fanning, then moved to Emily Watson, and is now supposedly back with Dakota Fanning. The film is in development, so stay tuned for details.

Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.
Much like Kristen Stewart, though her schedule isn’t jam-packed with upcoming films, there is no doubt she is receiving so many scripts she doesn’t have time to go through them all.

Billy Burke

Fresh off his band’s new single, Billy is burning the candle at both ends! Where does he find the time?

Drive Angry: Starring Nicholas Cage, the film is set to release in 2011.
Highland Park: Starring Danny Glover, this film will release in 2010.

Luster: Playing the lead, this film will debut in 2010.

Ticket Out : Starring Ray Liota, this film is set to release in 2010.

Baby O: Starring Eric Roberts and Billy Burke, this film is also set to release in 2010.

Removal: As the star of the film, this movie should come out in 2010.

Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.

Ashley Greene

Butter: There’s been a lot of press surrounding this film. Ashley stars with Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone and Olivia Wilde in this 2012 film.

Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.

Warrior: (Co-starring with Kellan Lutz).

The Apparition : This horror film casts Ashley Greene in the lead and is set to release this year.

Radio Free Albemuth : This film has already hit the festival circuit.

Skateland: Though this film has already hit the festival circuit, it doesn’t have mainstream distribution yet.

Jackson Rathbone

Truckstop : Rumored to be in this 2011 film, we won’t know if Jackson’s in it until he signs on the dotted line.

The Last Airbender: This is M. Night. Shyamalan’s latest effort. Need I say more? Go see it!

Girlfriend : In a starring role, Jackson will appear in this 2010 movie which is currently in post-production.

DaZe: Vol. Too (sic) – NonSeNse: I really couldn’t tell you what this film is about. Try yourself. Here is the synopsis: “A post modern avant guard dramedy musical non-musical told nonlinearly.”

Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.

Nikki Reed

Privileged: This film is completed and should be out in 2010.

Chain Letter: Though the film had trouble getting off the ground, it will release in August in about 400 theaters nationwide.

Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.

Xavier Samuel
Road Train

A note about Xavier: He is quite popular now and on a lot of people’s radars. Watch for him to start appearing in more films in 2010 and beyond.

Gil Birminham
Rango (animated)
Love Ranch
Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD

Bryce Dallas Howard

The Look of Real

The Originals

Untitled Seth Rogen Project


Mike Welch

Dark Desert Highway

Rough Hustle


Alex Meraz

Savage Innocent

Four to the Floor

On the Run

Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.

Booboo Stewart



Dark Games

Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD

Kiowa Gordon

Into the Darkness

Murder for Dummys: Unconfirmed.

The Science of Cool

Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.

Daniel Cudmore
A Night for Dying Tigers
Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD

Jodelle Ferland
The Cabin in the Woods

Charlie Bewley

Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD

Charlie is also in the running for a role in War of the Gods but hasn’t signed onto anything yet.

Tinsel Korey
The Bequest

[Via Twilight Lexicon]

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