Monday, August 23, 2010

Bachelor Pad - Summary & Opinions

I blogged as I watched so this is a long post with immediate reactions to what was going on....


Elizabeth kissing all the guys and getting chills from #4 which is her "man"

Peyton had


Ashley is a highschool teacher not wanting to lose the respect of her students so she doesn't kiss the boys.

Natalie is a kissing whore anyways so no big deal. She was loving aggressive #2

Nikki loved #1 and #2

Tenley was giggling mostly, she so immature. SHe misses the first two kisses then loves #3 who just happens to be Kiptyn who she likes.

Gia has a boyfriend yet came on the show and chose "love" over "Strategy" last week in promising Craig the rose but giving it to the schmoozing Wes. Kissing contest is ok? *sigh* All the men were itching to kiss Gia. Despite their desire to devour her they are "respectful" in kissing her.... suuuure!

Boys went up and Jesse was first... RAWR! Gia's cry fest was unneccessary.... "i can't kiss them in a line boyfriend or not" boo hoo "I didn't think everyone was going to turn into porn stars here" *sob sob* "I should have never done it" shuddup!

I would not want to kiss the weatherman either... gross! I can't believe how many of them went for it - - - seriously? gah! I think I barfed in my mouth a little. Natalie and |Elizabeth went TO TOWN - i loved how the other girls were visably ill just watching ha ha ha ha!! I was also! gross!

David is not my type, but not as bad as weatherman, regardless, I couldn't do it... LoL at Peyton's "no one wants to be mauled" ha I think some of those men may like it.

Wes was last - and being a germaphob he felt sick... #1 sloppy (Tenley), #2 violent #7 nice (Peyton) Wes went by Peyton's philosophy of not liking to be mauled... "unless I am hammered" LoL

Natalie would make out with anyone in the house for $20 - of COURSE she would!

David would rather win a kissing contest than a pie eating contest - duh!

David won - I still don't want to kiss him.
Peyton won - Her "don't maul them" strategy worked

Of Course David's date is at a topless pool in Vegas - he chooses Natalie, Nikki, Krissily. I wasn't shocked David chose Natalie to stay - she is the "easiest" and of course they choose to "forgo" their separate rooms...

The threates and ploys were entertaining... it is funny how caught up these men and women get with each other... um, they all were rejected bachelors/ettes... they are love failures.... go for the money and hook up later DUH!

Wes acted crazy trying to keep Gia tonight....

the tie meant David got to decide and sent Gia home... along with the weatherman... the end

Wes will get revenge I am sure... this game is getting interesting!

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