Sunday, August 22, 2010

Big Brother (spoilers hidden)

Well Britney is HoH and it was no surprise she nominate Brendan and Enzo. She considered Matt but I am glad that she put Enzo up and I hope he goes... I also looked at spoilers of Veto - so if you do not want to know do not click under the cut.

More... Brendan wins VETO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited, he keeps fighting! I hope he puts Britney up next week. I am liking Matt but I don't like Britney since day one. Despite her being friends with Ragen and Lane (both who I adore) I just don't like her at all!

I know Brendan will use the VETO and I hope Britney puts up Hayden so Enzo goes home, if she puts up Matt I fear he will go home, but we will see how it goes and where the votes fall. Matt could pull Brendan in for a vote promising to go after Britney at least.

So we shall see what happens next!

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