Monday, August 23, 2010

True Blood Tonight

well lot's of blood... as usual.

We opened with the discovery of what Sookie is - her response was awesome...

A lot happened go beyond the cut for details..


So Sookie is a fairy, finally it is revealed, she thinks it's lame - it kind of is.

There was a lot of blood and grossness - what is it with dead vampires intestines and red goop? gross!

The flashback of Sam's was interesting. Who was the girl he was making out with in 2003 - she looks so familiar but my mind's a blank...

"Fairy Blood is delectible and intoxicating to vampires" well we already know that the fairy in Sookie is what makes everyone love her.... and presumably Jason too - though I won't say anything more about that yet ;)

The books and show are different in many ways anyway so who knows...

Sookie and Bill Compton's love talks are way too sappy for me - I want some more raunchy sex ha ha

I love Pam!

Eric is HOT!

Russell is crazy but awesome! I recognize the Tony whore he calls Talbot at the end... where is he from? hmmm... I think the dude from 90210... ?

Loved listening to Eric perpare a will as Pam bitches and moans... "are you mentally competent?" "duh" ha ha ha "gold digging whore" oh - awesome!

Do you think Pam could ever turn on Eric for the money?

Lafayette and Jesus are adorable... Jesus is so friggin' hot! Lafayette giving Crystal's daddy v-blood was insane! His reaction was more insane! I woulda let him die. That whole family is fucked up!

Jesus and Lafayette on "v" that is all LoL I loved the camera angles and the laughing and dancing things around them ha ha - it was really a cool scene to watch. It had a lot in it I have to rewatch to get all the lil hints and pieces.

Really glad they showed what Crystal was tonight - were-panthers!

I do wonder what Jesus is - his tattoo last week seemed to hint on something - I wonder..

I love every scene with Eric and Bill - the tension is awesome! "The truth"

Sookie tells Eric he will never get her but I disagree - and I cant WAIT to witness it rawr!

The retun of the "Fellowship" cracked me up - I almost miss them ha!

I love Jessica, she is hot!

Sam's brother played LJ on Prison Break, do you recall? I love his bad ass role in True Blood - he's awesome, his lil michievious grin is awesome!

Hoyt is great, and Summer is hilarious " I can tell you're a sexual person" ha ha "I know God wants girls to wait"

Tara always annoys me I can't even explain it but I deal - her post traumatic stress self lately is even more annoying... but again, we deal...

Jason's murdering flashbacks are creepy but are great reminders of the things he has done.

I couldn't believe Arlene told Terry the baby was Rene's moreso I can't believe Terry wants to raise the kid as his own - maybe it's the southern way but I expected them to be on the same page with some kind of Wiccan remedy if you catch my drift...

Eric in Sookie's dreams rock! "It's not just the blood you know you have feelings for me" "ew" "youknow you like this and this" um - Sookie, just enjoy it girl!!! RAWR! The real kiss was even hotter... "Ok I get it I am irresistable and intoxicating" bahahahaha!

Tara has had a crush on Jason for ever, I do not want them together at all under any circumstances, but I am not the writer....

Eric kidnaps Sookie at the end - this can only go well ;)

Nopt the best episode this season, though they have been progressively getting better so I am not disappointed by one "less than spectacular" episode... it still had a lot of good parts...



Anonymous said...

Found her! I was wondering about her as well. I remember her most as Lexie from Vampire Diaries.

Misha said...

She was in John Tucker Must Die... and some other teens dramas