Saturday, October 9, 2010

Anna Kendrick in Flaunt Magazine

The 24-year-old Oscar nominated actress opens up about how Scott Pilgrim parallels her life, being vulnerable like Catherine and Jessica being a “weirdo.”

On Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: “I didn’t realize it until I started doing press. but I’m completely playing myself. Like, I didn’t do anything to work on this because I know this role, I know who she is. Done and done. Stacey tries to reach out to Scott and say, ‘You know I’m here for you,’ and then right back into, ‘Well, your hair looks stupid or whatever.’ And that’s exactly the way my relationship is with my brother—you can only go so far before you call him a d-bag.”

On who she channeled for Jessica Stanley: “I don’t know who exactly Jessica comes from, but there was one girl in particular from my high school. And she was a nightmare and was a little weirdo.”

On her next movie, Live With It: “Catherine is much more vulnerable [than other roles I’ve played]. And I liked that about her because I was in an awards season labyrinth and I was feeling really vulnerable so I was happy to go and shoot that immediately.”

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