Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Trip - Day 3

We woke up early to go on Catherine Hardwicke's set tour.

It was nice because I was sitting right near Catherine and got a lot of time to chat with her about various things.

We went to various sets and it was so interesting to hear Catherine tell us tales of filming. Even people who had been to these sets before said they loved hearing Catherine's stories about filming. Very Exciting!

There was a lot of re-enacting scenes ;)

Catherine talked about how they added the wood paneling and photos because the walls were white which isn't good in films.

"Say it.... out loud"

Cullen House

We returned back to the hotel and had some lunch.

We missed a few speakers at the convention because we needed food and rest and to change.

We did catch some speakers luckily!" width=400>

I helped out with the convention backstage and had some interesting jobs that allowed me to get to meet the cast again. I opted for professionalism over fangirling because #1 - I had met them before so didn't hagve that fangirl urge and #2 - I really enjoy event planning and helping out conventions is something I would like to do more of so fangirling wouldn't be a good way to do that.

That evening we had the volturi ball...

We witnessed an epic dance off

Candace Charee' performed

Chicken Dance

That night a few went to the bar. I walked to the bar and then once I knew everyone was there safe and sound (it is easy to get lost in Portland while walking via gps ha ha) I went back to the hotel and crashed HARD!

Another long but exciting day!!

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17foreverlisa said...

That is just amazing, Mandy. What an great opportunity/experience for you. I would have loved to have been there. I think I need to get the Twitards to plan their next trip in Portland so we can tour the set sites. Very cool.

gossip_dance said...

This is so awesome!! It would have been so cool to go on Twilight tour with Catherine <3