Monday, November 29, 2010

Back in Business

Well, I am back from a wild and crazy - busy weekend....

What have I missed? A few things here and there, but in case you ,issed them also, I promise to post all the news and fun stuff tonight...

My weekend was insane, if you care to hear about it - Click More...

Wednesday I took my kiddo to Disney on Ice - Fantastic Show! Anyone else in Vancouver check it out? If it comes to your city, I highly recommend it!

Thursday kiddo was feeling sick (too much junk food at Disney on Ice? Nervous for performance?) but she went to school and performed in CATS and she did fabulous - we are so proud of her!

Thern we hopped in our car, despite the heavy snowfall, and drove down to Seattle. My husband was a trooper handling the unplowed roads like a pro.

We got into Seattle a bit late to start turkey but hung out with family and enjoyed the evening until about 11pm when my hubby and I went to Black Friday Shopping! We got a ton of stuff and our lil girl will be slightly spoiled this year, but she deserves it!

Friday we were lazy and then we did our turkey dinner with family and watched the Criminal Minds marathon.

Saturday we went to Seattle Science Centre for Harry potter Exhibiton but also the butterfly habitat, the regular science exhibits and all sorts of fun stuff. After we went to dinner and the arcade with some friends and their kids.

We got home pretty late and were so tired!

Sunday was another busy day, my hubby and I went to the Seattle Seahawks game and after some tailgating enjoyed the game, even though we lost to Kansas City Chiefs.

We had such amazing seats, seriously we were practically on the field, it was so amazing!

Sunday evening we packed up and drove home.

I don't know how I am even at work today, I am so tired after that busy weekend... and after today's regular day I have a 2 meetings tonight so I will have worked 8-8 (with some breaks in between for lunch and drive to meetings)


That being said, I will try to update tonight but by tomorrow morning you can expect updates on everything i missed as well as some local Breaking Dawn news ;)

Check Back tomorrow - and thanks for your patience!

- Mandy

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