Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Xaiver Samuel in GQ Australia


GQ: So what’s life been like post Twilight?

XS: It’s been kind of cool actually, I’ve been hanging around in Berlin. I skipped off and did a film over there.

GQ: Was that Anonymous?

XS: Yeah. And I’ve spent a bit more time in LA and New York as well. So I’ve just been kind of enjoying it. We’ve skipped off to all these cities for the publicity for the film.

GQ: Were you caught up in the Twilight madness to the same extent as the main actors have been?

XS: Well, I certainly was not under the microscope in the same fashion that a lot of those guys were. I played the villain of the film, and they’ve been involved two films prior to that, so I kind of entered at a
point when it was already severely popular. So it’s all been a bit of a
whirlwind really, but a good one.

GQ: Does your girlfriend buy you clothes in the hope that you’ll wear them?

XS: Yeah, sometimes. She’s got a quite good fashion sense.

GQ: What kind of stuff is she into?

XS: I don’t know, it’s kind of a mystery to me, but she seems to mix and match all sorts of things and make it look good and still be herself.

GQ: Do you buy a lot of things when you go shopping?

XS: No, not particularly, it’s sort of just like a shirt here and there. But I’m kind of amazed by all the stuff that I have accumulated accidently.

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GQ: What will you be rocking this summer?

XS: I don’t know. I’m not really a shorts kind of guy.

GQ: Do you think you look ridiculous in them?

XS: Yeah, I think I look ridiculous in shorts and I’ve also got these pale pasty legs that haven’t seen the sun in years, so I think it would be unkind to show the world my pasty legs.

GQ: So if it’s not shorts, what is it you love to wear?

XS: It’s always cool to go to those retro secondhand stores, they’ve always got great T-shirts and jeans.

GQ: So does your look vary depending on the seasons?

XS: I pretty much dress the same. I mix and match. I’ll just throw a jacket on when it’s cold. It’s not very complicated.

GQ: Are there any actors that you think are particularly stylish?

XS: I don’t particularly try to emulate anyone’s fashion. I haven’t really paid attention to it. Maybe it’s the people whose fashion sense you don’t notice, they’re probably the people that are doing it right. That sort
of seamless thing, you know?

GQ: Who do you regard as the iconic actors?

XS: Fashionwise or just in general?

GQ: Either.

XS: Philip Seymour Hoffman. I saw him at STC [Sydney Theatre Company] and he had like a Hawaiian shirt on and some shorts and a cap with a pencil in it. I thought, this guy is doing it pretty

GQ: Was he on or off stage?

XS: Ha! It was off stage. He is obviously an amazing performer and someone who I really admire for the kind of boldness and the decisions that he makes [which are] always creative and kind of against what you
usually imagine. And there are a lot of Australian actors I really like as well,
like Tom Wright and Mark Winter. I just saw Animal Kingdom, Ben Mendelsohn’s
amazing in that film, as is Joel Edgerton. They’re kicking arse at the

GQ: What about actors like Marlon Brando?

XS: Yeah, I always look up to those kinds of actors.

GQ: Do you think its sad that Hollywood doesn’t have the glamour it did during its early years?

XS: Yeah, I think that’s sort of what was cool in the ’20s — people getting all decked out whenever they went out. I think that would be a cool era to have lived in. Sadly, it’s sort of gone, but it’s also kind of
coming back, especially somewhere like New York, where you can never be too
dressed up.

GQ: When do you get dressed up? Is it just for film premieres?

XS: Yeah, usually, stuff like that. I don’t know. Sometimes I just feel like throwing a suit on for the hell of it, you know? But I’m probably not gonna wear a suit to the football.

GQ: Do you have a favorite pair of sunglasses?

XS: I really like Ray-Bans. I actually own a whole bunch of sunglasses that I have acquired and they’re all very similar — with a classic Ray-Ban feel.

GQ: How many do you have in your collection?

XS: Not a whole bunch. Probably 10 or 20 pairs, something like that. It makes me sound really shallow when I talk about how many sunglasses I’ve got.

GQ: Not at all. Are there any actors that you think have matured really well?

XS: I think Clooney’s doing really well for himself, Matt Damon’s doing pretty good. I’m not kind of going, ‘Jeez, I hope I look like that guy when I’m older,’ but I think they’re doing alright. And Nick Nolte is doing

GQ: What’s your idea of a fashion faux pas?

XS: I don’t know whether there are many. I’m happy for someone to embrace the socks and sandals — I think they should bring it back. I think high-waisted jeans are fine — go for it.

GQ: Have you ever turned up to an event inappropriately dressed?

XS: That happens to me regularly. I go, ‘Oh Jesus, I should have put a shirt on.’ Or I go, ‘Why did I put a shirt on? Everyone else is casual.’ There hasn’t been a complete disaster, thankfully, but I’ll keep you
posted if there is.


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