Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reality TV Update December 2

It has been a while since I did this - real life has had me caught up.


I know it is over but I was glad that Jennifer won and not Bristol. I was also glad Brandy went home. I would have liked Kyle to win, but really Jennifer was the best and deserved it.


Last Night's finale was good. I liked them both but was hoping Ann would win, she was the ugly duckling who blossomed...


It's had it's ups and downs for me this season. I was upset Brenda was sent home last elimination, I liked her and the "team" she had going. She was pretty awesome from the get go. I am so sick of Naonka running her mouth constantly. She is a PE Teacher? Where? I was not upset to see her go and Kelly quitting as well? WTF? Good Riddance you wimpy quitters! I would never go on Survivor, I know I couldn't handle it, but these guys wanted to go on, they got on and they QUIT???

Holly often gets on my nerves but she showed she is a class act last night.

As for a fave....

I love Chase but Sash has potential too. Benry is the prettiest boy left in my opinion. I don't know just yet...

Skating with the Stars:

I have not watched, even though I planned on it. Real Life has just been too hectic

The Apprentice:

I had been rooting for the Canadian but was glad to see her go. I really want Lisa to go. She always says things in the boardroom and private interviews but as a group during tasks she is silent. It is ridiculous! I love Brandy and Clint is awesome too. I will be happy to see them in the finale. I liked Steuart also but he was too immature at times.

Hells Kitchen:

Last Night no one went home. At this point (and for a few weeks) I have been thinking Nona should win. I am still clueless how Trev is still there. Russell is just a dink. One of the ladies should win. I really was rooting for Jillian but then she started to get crappy... then she improved again! It was awesome seeing their families!

Reality TV RULES!

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