Thursday, February 3, 2011

127 Hours

I finally went and saw 127 Hours.

First of all, Water for Elephants had a new trailer. It was awesome!

127 Hours itself was pretty good too. I love James Franco - always. He is just really fantastic in most roles he takes on.

He played the outdoorsy, atheletic, slightly cocky Aron well, and as he slowly lost his mind while stuck in the crevice, he really showed the kinds of crazy people can start to go while stuck in pain without food or water for days.

My favourite was the premonitions and the visions he would see along with the "talk show host" portion of his crazy.

I knew all kinds of things about this movie and Aron's story... I knew he drank his own pee for example but somehow I didn't know (or chose to block out) that he saws his own arm off.

So when Lorabell, who was my date for the evening, told me, I got uncomfortable.

I get mild claustrophobia so I was already challenged by the small space, tight camera angles, rapid heart beats and over accentuation of sounds (gulping, licking lips, breathing, etc.) but add some sawing of ones own arm using a dull knife... well... that was a bit rough to endure.

But endure it I did and overall I thought the movie was awesome... I mean Black Swan was probably more uncomfortable to watch due to skin scratching, picking and what not.

Have you seen 127 Hours? Thoughts?

It comes out on dvd early March! James Franco MAKES the movie, not since Tom Hanks and Wilson the volleyball have I seen such great solo actor performance.

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