Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jackson Rathbone Producing Vancouver Band 'Bleeding Horse Express' album

This is an interesting artcile from a local paper. We have seen this band open for 100 Monkeys before and some of the band attend (and even join the monkeys on stage) various shows.

Jackson Rathbone wrapped up four days of work at the Warehouse studio on March 14. The 100 Monkeys vocalist–multi-instrumentalist and star of the Twilight movie franchise is busy producing Vancouver band the Bleeding Horse Express. He’ll mix and master their debut album at a super-secret location somewhere in town over the next few weeks on mobile gear he shipped up from L.A.

Rathbone first caught the Express—led by vocalist-guitarist Brad Damsgaard—when it and 100 Monkeys both played at a Neptoon Records in-store in April 2009. “It’s the style of music that I grew up on,” Rathbone told the Straight. “It’s southern rock. I’m always a little homesick when I’m outside of Texas or Louisiana, which is pretty much every day, so when I get to hear this kind of music, it just lifts my soul.”

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