Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Death on Glee?

I had heard rumours of a Glee death and today I was told by an uber-fan that she discovered who would die....

*Possible Spoilers*


First of all these may just be rumours but Matthew Morrison confirmed there would indeed be a death on Glee.

She said Kurt's Dad will die because in reality he has committed to a new show and schedule conflicts couldn't allow for him to do both shows....

Not believing, I did some research of my own and found this article from March, which reassured me that my friend was incorrect.

The actor has signed on to shoot a pilot for Fox called Family Album, which immediately made fans think that Burt’s days on Glee might be numbered. But O’Malley stresses that he is in no rush to leave the show. “This is one of the best parts I’ve ever had in my life,” says O’Malley. “I don’t want to leave it behind until it’s run its course or the story has run its course.” He adds, “I would not have taken this job, as much as I like Family Album, if they prevented me from continuing as Burt Hummel. I would show up to Glee every day. It’s a really thrilling place to work.” Luckily, both the pilot and Glee have the same network (Fox) and studio (20th Century Fox) behind them, so it’s been fairly easy to figure out O’Malley’s commitments if Album does indeed go to series. Says the actor, “Part of working out this deal was to say that if Family Album gets picked up as a series, I will still be able to do at least six episodes of Glee. That doesn’t mean only six episodes. Only [series co-creator] Ryan Murphy can ultimately tell you where he wants this to go.”

THen I started to wonder, if this was written a month ago, maybe something changed?

Further investigation I found articles suggestiong a suicide, and some considering an accident... the theories are endless.

I started to research actors careers and who had other projects coming up.

Matthew Morrison is rumoured to be pursuing his musical career, but not leaving the show:

Matthew Morrison has denied that he wants to leave Glee in order to fully focus on his budding music career.

While being interviewed by Extra, the actor was questioned about rumblings that he is actively trying to exit the hit Fox show.

"What is that? I don't know where the people get that stuff," he replied. "No, [I'm] not at all [planning to leave]."

Morrison appeared similarly confused when asked whether there was truth to claims that Tom Cruise might film a Glee guest appearance, retorting: "What? That's the first time I've heard it."

Yesterday, the actor confirmed that an upcoming episode of the hit series will feature the death of a character that no-one "would probably expect".

SO - I think it will be someone "not important" like Gwen Paltrow or a very minor character ( I hope ) THough I still think it may be Kurt's dad - - - and something has changed since that interview... I mean he already had a heart attack once... I don't know....

Time will tell.... What do you think? Let me know if you hear anything!!


Anonymous said...

I hope it isn't Kurt's Dad :( I've heard rumblings of the suicide storyline....which leads me to think it may be Kurofsky. He has been struggling with his sexuality and "coming out". Hmmmm I guess we shall see :(

Elegant Affairs said...

I have a feeling it will be Sue's "handicapble" sister. This in turn will cause Sue to reevaluate her behavior.

Steph & Kyle said...

i read another article that says that its a female character and someone in the school is "deeply affected" by it. So people speculate that its either Becky (cuz for that particular episode, they are looking for someone to play Becky's mom) or Jean, Sue's sister.

KathleenCale said...

Elegant Affairs,
I didn't think of that, but I agree with you. Jean would be a very possible death.

Considering the actress who plays Tina was saying it would take you to a place you didn't really want to be.

Death by disease like that is never easy...

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, Down's Syndrome is NOT a disease, it's a genetic disorder and it is not what killed her. People with Down's don't die from having Down's. They are born with it and many people with Down's live to be 60, 70 or even older.