Monday, April 25, 2011

WFE NYC - My Photos

So as you know I went to NYC for the first time. I was lucky to have so many wonderful friends and fellow-fans in the city to meet with and laugh with and enjoy the city with! I got to see some familiar faces and meet some new wonderful people. I was there 4 days and they were pretty intensely packed with stuff.... Here is a sample of photos from my trip. There are more on my facebook (Mandy S Mind)

Read on for PHOTOS, STORIES and MORE!!


I arrived early Friday and did some site-seeing with Izzie from @Twilightish. We hit Times Square and got some breakfast. I got to meet my long-time twitter buddy @BeetingOnAlice1 and we got some tix for a show that night!

Later we met with "E" "T" (also from @Twilightish) and Hollie for some more site seeing and eats. Later that night we went to see How To Succeed on Broadway starring Daniel Radcliffe (from Harry Potter) who came out after the show for pics and autogrpahs - very fun (but busy) first day in NYC!

Planet Hollywood

Saturday I was up early and managed to transit my way to meet about 1 other girls for a NYC city tour / Remember Me Set tour. It was great to again see some familiar faces and meet some new awesome chikita's!

Remember Me Walking Tour

That evening I moved in with @Twifans and we attended the 'Cocktails with Team Rosie' at the Hilton Lounge. It was hosted my @h20forElephants and had a number of FOX Studio reps and WFE special guests.

Here is Mark Povinelli aka "Walter"

Author Sara Gruen

I have more photos with producer, "Barbara" and my bloggy and fan friends on my Facebook page.

That night I did NOT take many photos - the rain was so intense I barely took my cell out, however, friends in line took photos and they were NOT pretty. The cold rain was not fun at all. I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes ha ha - it was horrible! Luckily Fox sent pizza and then donuts, but it was ridiculous!

We started under a leaky metal scaffolding, surrounded by metal fences in puddles. Not confortable but when the thunder and lightning began it became unsafe. Later they moved us across the street where we had no covering and were exposed to the pouring rain. My friend messaged me saying flights were being disrupted, so imagine weather enough to disrupt flights - and we were standing in it!

I won't go on and on - if you followed my tweets you know how it went - miserable! Fox promised us a few things they did not deliver and I still can't believe a major production studio would allow it's reps to behave certain ways, but what is done is done and I won't dwell on it in my blog.

We got wristbands at 9am, slept, went to red carpet fan area.

Again, most pics are on my facebook - some are in my private collection but here are a few to share.

ROb and Reese were great, they came to all the fans who camped out and all the (smarter) fans who arrived an hour before the red carpet. Christoph Waltz didn't even wave or look at fans sadly. We saw a few other starts not associated with the movie and lot's of family of cast.

Once the movie began and we were told we would not get anything special (meeting Rob and Reese was "special" don't get me wrong, but I could have arrived an hour before red carpet like most fans and got the same thing) for our wristbands... defeated we walked to Chipotle for eats and drinks.

One our walk back we notice the "vehicles" (tinted, nice, new ones) that dropped Rob off before red carpet. We decided to walk down the back street of the theatre and sure enough security was heavy, trying to tell people they couldn't walk on "this side of the street" and to cross over.

We decided to wait and within a few moments out came Kristen Stewart arm in arm with Robert Pattinson. They quickly hopped into an SUV and I snapped a few photos of them. Shortly after they left for the after party and Sam Bradley came out and hopped into a vehicle which sat for a few moments then also left.

We wandered to the front of the theatre and learned that Christoph had come out and signed for fans who were gated in - a diversion we opted out of this time. See once movie started we were told our wristbands would give us "the privlege" to stand in a gated "pen" until the movie was over for a chance to maybe see stars leave... yuh-huh.

Anyways - we went to the hotel to rest, debated going by the after-party but I was so exhausted I had NO desire to stand outside a party for a maybe shot at seeing them again. The next morning a few people went to Regis and Kelly while others went to the Today Show... I had planned to do one or the other but to be honest, I was so exhausted and had to fly out at 1pm so I slept in then watched the Today show from the hotel room and saw lot's of my friends and was happy for them. Then I shuttled to the iarport and flew home.

Anti-climatic I suppose but I was still catching up on sleep this weekend ha ha!

Anyhow - there you have it - my WFE NYC trip in a nutshell :)

If we met there and haven't connected since PLEASE comment or email or tweet me - I haven't found everyone yet (I am horrible ayt connecting real names/faces to twitter names/avi's ha ha)

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I am so glad we met and hung out! You are AWESOME and FUNNY as HELL! I still shiver when I even hear the word "Rain". LMFAO!