Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding - William & Kate

I am up, and will be all night for my Royal Wedding PJ Party with a few girlfriends.

Tea, scones, tiaras and big hats.

So much coverage on the wedding. I am flipping between a few. CTV obviously because of the Canadian ties but also ABC, BBC and TLC.

I have guests so I won't live blog, though I will be tweeting - alot!

People have asked me WHY I care about this wedding...

There are a few reasons.

- I had a crush on Prince William when I was little.
- Kate is just a "normal" girl (so to speak) marrying a PRINCE
- I loved Princess Di
- It is a pop culture "wedding of the century"
- The hats!!!!!
- The dress!
- It is a "Where were you when" moment that is positive, unlike 9/11 or Princess Di's death and so on.

It is exciting and fun and watching makes me feel like I am part of something (or at least witness to something) epic!

Am I alone ?

I hope to post an entire HAT post at some point very soon - but for now - back to my friends, our tea and scones.

*waves pinky in the air while sipping tea*


Anonymous said...

You're not alone! I've been waiting so long for this! I'm so glad she picked Alexander McQueen. Kate Middleton's dress was perfectly simple.

SpunkyBookworm said...

You are not alone. Unfortunately, none of my friends were ambitious enough to be like me, but since I had a hard day yesterday, I ended up in bed at 12 and was up for work by 5. I did turn on the TV right away, though.
If I had a PJ party like you, I would have been partying all night!! Did you cry??

Anonymous said...

Love it! I was up all night to watch and teared up, smiled my face off and enjoyed every bit of it. Ok well one hat I didn't like was Prince Andrew's daughters(Beatrice)..LOL.....but it was all great!