Monday, June 20, 2011

Danny Elfman composing score for The Hunger Games Movie

The musician has already signed on to score Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful – which is an unexpected surprise since the duo had a well-publicized falling out during the filming of Spider-Man 2. Things were reportedly so bad during the shooting of that film that Elfman said he’d go back to waiting tables rather than go through the process again.

Apparently, the duo have buried the hatchet – which is good news, because Raimi’s Oz is a project that seems perfectly suited for Elfman’s light and bouncy style. If ever there were a project where the composer could recapture the magic of the past, it would seem to be this one.

That’s hardly the only film on his plate, however. Elfman has already signed on for Real Steel, Frankenweenie, and Dark Shadows (the last two reuniting him with frequent collaborator Tim Burton) and is in negotiations to provide the score for next year’s The Hunger Games.


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